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Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters - 16/8 and Weight Choices

Hi there,

First off, I’ve been reading your stuff for 15+ years and I’ve always enjoyed reading your work. Congrats on all your success.

What would you think of following this program while also doing 16/8 intermittent fasting, if I get enough calories during eating hours?

The second part of my question is that I’ve started the program but really went down in weights to make sure I have perfect form. Is there a specific percentage of my 1RM I should be aiming for? Or should I just set a base line with warm up reps during the first week and stick with that?

I look forward to your answers, thank you.


Well, if you are going to do IF, this is the program to use because of the low volume. Even if you were to do the session at the tail end of a fast, performance would not be negatively impacted.

Also worth considering that IF raises cortisol quite a bit during the fasting period, so the last thing you’d want is a program that raises cortisol a lot. This program doesn’t.

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