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Best Workout Plan - Age, BF%, Concentric-Only Exercises

Hi Christian - a few basic questions.

  1. The general formulae for calculating daily kcal intake never mention bodyfat %. I’m assuming that the numbers are referring to lean body mass, which is estimated from an assumption of relative bodyfat, but it’s never explicitly defined. Am I correct here?

  2. Although the scientific literature is growing, I also rarely see age formally included in protein synthesis rates (I did read the piece on here re: training as you age) and estimates of training load, recovery, response and so on. I’m 55 and I’ve noticed that in the three weeks since implementing your natural lifters approach (as per the article in t-nation, not the formal download) I have been sleeping a lot more during the day, wanting to eat like a pig. I’m hoping that signifies an increase in protein synthesis, but wanted to ask if you might modify the training for someone my age (30 years of lifting, so unfortunately no massive new response to training stimulus);

  3. All the gyms where I live are still closed, so for the last year I have been doing chins, ring dips, sand bag carries/lifts, farmer’s walks, HSPU, and using a sled for pulls and reverse-walks (walking backwards while pulling the sled), rows and a sort of bench-press movement. I’ve actually gotten some nice gains from this as well as a cessation of some chronic pain in various places. The sled is a concentric-only movement, however. I can come up with some adaptive measures for the some of pre-fatigue and isometric loads and such as per the PDF, but I wondered if you might have some specific suggestions in that regard.

Thanks so much!!!