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Best Workout of My Life

I know some of you are going to laugh and say it is stupid and some maybe even pointless but Odd Object lifting is with out adoubt my new favorite way to train I just preformed three exercises and I am spent completely… For those interested here you go…

Barrel Bear Hug Walks:3 sets of 30 yards with 106lbs(was water so very hard for me)
Sand Bag Press:100lbs for 5 reps alternating sides.
Barrell Squats:60+lbs for 20 reps this was very light but after the walks and presses they were ok.

The last exercise I grossly underestimated my self much easier to shoulder and hold something then to do it bear hug style. When I say bear hug i mean no hands on the bottom just wrapped around and no locking fingers if you are able to I couldnt even get close to locking my fingers any way.

If you try and take a liking I suggest you get Brooks Kubik book Dinosaur Training I am still reading it but what I have read so far has been a amazing read and by far the greastest training book I have ever read.