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Best Workout Natural Lifters - Upright Row & Reverse Curl

Hey CT,

Two questions regarding your new plan. Is there any helpful cues with the shoulder width grip upright row? How far should the bar be away from the body during the movement and where should I be feeling it during the eccentric? I seemed to feel it in the front and side delts. Also with the reverse curl. I’ve had pain in my left forearm muscle, on the top where it connects into the elbow, any ideas on how to start alleviating that pain so it doesn’t hurt when doing the reverse curl? Any stretches or massage techniques you recommend?

As a type 3 and two workouts in I can already tell I’m going to enjoy the plan.

I appreciate your time.

It really depends on what you want to emphasize.

If you want to focus more on traps keep the bar close to your body. You can even lean forward slightly.

If you want to focus on the delts a bit more, lift and lower the bar around 6-8" from your body and you can even lean back slightly.

That’s fine. Most people should focus on delts development.

That helps tremendously. Thanks again and I hope the family is well!