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Best Workout Music Ever


best workout music- go!









Trust me wait for it 1min30 or so



Oh lol, shit my bad. Got distracted and thought we were talking about shaggin music for a minute. Ermmm...aye this is more my style.

Or Primus and the likes.


The Twilight Soundtrack. If that doesn't fuel you with rage, you're clearly a preteen girl.


Still of the night - Whitesnake
Renegade master - Wildchild
Rockstar - Nerd
Fight Song - Marilyn Manson
Hysteria - Muse
Last Resort - Papa Roach
Heartbeat - Nnekka (feat Chase & Status)
Doctor doctor - UFO (life version)
Eminem - Lose yourself
No easy way way pout - Robert Tepper


Not ANOTHER of these threads.


This is on my mp3 player for the gym.


If you don't have Jesus Built My Hotrod on your workout playlist then you are an amateur.




Dooooode - you're getting so grumpy.....


anything by:

Five Finger Death Punch



Any kind of mainstream rap album, especially from 99-07 will do.

Chronic 2001- Dr. Dre
Get Rich or Die Trying- 50 Cent
The Documentary- The Game
Doctor's Advocate- The Game
The Inspiration- Young Jeezy
The Eminem Show- Eminem
Paper Trail- T.I.
Da Drought 3- Lil Wayne
Graduation- Kanye West
Teflon Don- Rick Ross