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Best Workout for the First Few Weeks Starting Back


Hey dudes,
Just starting back in the gym after approx 8 months off (basically the doc said I had a hernia, but a few weeks ago i found out he was wrong, it was only a muscle tear) so I was wondering what the best routine I can use to get myself back in the gym like full body of circuits 3 times a week, a routine that will shock my body maybe....a routine with high reps and low weight??...

what you guys think??

oh also is it ok to still workout even though i still may have a small muscle tear...the tear is located under my left rib cage.



my input: do what doesn't hurt. if it hurts, there's a reason it hurts.

i had major surgery last year and couldnt do pullups for about 4 months. you just have to listen to your body to see what you can do.