Best Workout for Naturals Progress

Hi Christian

After month from followint the plan part one all what i gaih 400 gram muscles and lost 300 g of fat , so i am doing ok or i need to increase my carb or i didnt do more effort


The fact that you lost fat indicate that your food/energy/caloric intake was too low to achieve maximum muscle growth.

The only times where you can build a significant amount of muscle while losing fat are:

a) If you are a complete beginner

b) If you are coming back to training after a long period without training (and are regaining lost muscle)

c) If you are using anabolic steroids

d) If you are obese and just started eating “properly”

In any other situation, building muscle while losing fat is extremely difficult and inefficient.

Since you lost fat, it is no surprise that you didn’t gain more muscle than that. Most natural lifters will need at least a 1:1 fat to muscle ratio gain to optimize muscle growth. Not so much because muscle gain requires you getting fatter, but because consuming a surplus will increase anabolism (increasing mTOR, IGF-1 and insulin while decreasing cortisol) making it much easier to build muscle.

It’s just that the amount of food to put your body in the most anabolic state will normally lead to some fat gain.

So the answer is simple: you didn’t ingest enough food to support maximum muscle growth.

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And is this true if you are not a beginner. However, the concept of beginner has different interpretations. For some people, a beginner means a person who has not trained with weights. According to others, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been training with weights for a few years. If you have not achieved certain strength indicators, you may still be in the category of beginners. For me, the first understanding of the concept applies when we talk about bodybuilding, rather than powerlifting. Yes, there must be a progression with weights or performance - shorter breaks, more sophisticated performance techniques and more, but I don’t think you have to reach a certain level of strength to build muscle.
I have been going to the Gym for 5-6 years, but I have never been able to correct my diet and vices - cigarettes and alcohol. So it would be good news for me /and not only for me, but for people in a similar situation, who make an effort with the weights/ if by adjusting my diet and habits, I can build muscle while burning fat.

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Beginners refer to the amount of experience you have subjecting your body to the stress of resistance. Training.

A beginner has trained less than a year of training, and probably less than 6 months. After that, even if diet and not been on point, the stress of training is less of a novelty and the body doesn’t respond as easily.

So if you have been training for 4-6 years, you are not a beginner, regardless of he shitty habits you had before.

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To be fair, it IS possible for most to build muscle while losing fat. It’s just going to make muscle growth SUPER slow. It will probably take you 3-4 more times to build muscle while losing fat than if you accept a small amount of fat gain.

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Will correcting your diet while still training allow you to build muscle while losing fat? Maybe for a few weeks.

But what happens is that if you go from a shitty diet to a very clean one BUT keep calories the same (maintenance or surplus) you will likely drop some water weight at first (from the reduction in systemic inflammation), which will make you look leaner and give the illusion of losing fat, while it’s mostly water.

But once that initial water drop has occured, even if you eat “clean” now, if you are not in a caloric deficit you will not lose fat.

If on top of cleaning up your diet, you reduce calories and are in a deficit, you will lose fat. BUT it will become harder to build muscle.

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Thank you Coach, you are very big!

Many thanks Coach :slightly_smiling_face: