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Best Workout for Natural Lifters - Cardio Plan

I’m currently on week 3 of the program and have been incorporating cardio 3-5 days a week at a dosage of 30 minutes and heart rate from 120-140 bpm (25 yo male, 5’ 10” 185 lbs). I was wondering if a)this is fine and b) it would matter if the cardio was done before or after training. Fat loss is my primary goal right now (estimated around 13-14% bf, distinct abdominal separation upon waking but post-training blurred).

I have been doing the cardio before training (either in a fasted state after work or after a protein and fats meal ~4 hours before), then taking 7-14g C8 mct oil and training with 20g EAAs and sometimes adding in 30g HBCD.

I am currently in a slight deficit and use the cardio primarily to eat more and for the mental health benefits over anything. I have been recovering pretty well, and my lifts are all progressing from week-to-week (at least maintaining weight in each exercise and going up in several).

In an ideal world, I would do the cardio first thing in the morning, but I’m currently going to school at night and working full time so that option isn’t available to me right now.

Hello! Cardio is good for burning fat. Look at your condition, you don’t need to do more than you can do. My friend does cardio after weight training and he is fine. As I understood, you do only cardio?

Why are you taking MCT oil intra workout ? whats the point about that im curious.

If you dont mind about muscle building you can do your cardio when you feel good doing it. I like to do 10 minutes pre workout because it help me to get ready to my workout. I use it as a warm up.

But cardio post workout can slow your Mtor activation and your muscle building. Ct already talk about it i dont remember exactly why. Maybe you can do a small research on the website. But i think he said that if you can’t separate your cardio from your workout, you should do you cardio after your training session.