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Best Workout for Natural. High Frequency vs Volume?

hey! im a guy used to high volume splits… say chest and biceps day etc…
would the best nutral plan be good for me? does it have enough voulme…?


Might be a change of pace for a while having less volume, could trigger new growth

Forget volume. Frequency is key. It’s all about triggering protein synthesis and keeping cortisol low.

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providing faliuer every set? say if i do today upper body and im doing only 1 chest lift? will that be enough to do damage to muscle?to make it grow?

The program was written by one of the worlds most respected bodybuilding/strength/Olympic coaches. You have so many questions before even starting the program, why don’t you just find something else to do?

The person has one question, coming from a high volume background, will one set to failure be enough? It seems reasonable from his perspective; there’s no reason to throw shade!


Give the unmodified original program a go for 12 weeks & find out :slight_smile:

If someone has coached hundreds of people & found out what works for 98% of them, it’s more than likely it’ll work for you.

If it doesn’t work, you can get very valuable feedback from this forum why & learn a lot more about yourself. Win win

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If you want high volume look up something like “zombie apocalypse” or “Built for bad”

A girl
And I like to do legs 3x plus glutes 1x I have a high volume program too because I want to stimulate all the muscles and angles

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All laid out here…

ya man im high volume e addict

thax for understanding

the problem is that she can benefits more by doing less volume !

You’re welcome!

The forum should be about asking questions and reading opinions. Punctuation errors aside, the question was “say if i do today upper body and im doing only 1 chest lift? will that be enough to do damage to muscle?” Forget the first question mark, he is addressing the concept of one set to failure. Does it work? If it does, let him know. Rather then tell him to “find something else to do”, we could point him to “The Single Best Muscle-Building Method; the new science of training to failure”, “Train to Failure Conservatively” etc.

My point is, we should help each other understand all the various approaches instead of dismissing a healthy skepticism.

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Well said, this is my biggest complaint about the tnation forums. It’s certainly not everyone but enough to keep new people from asking further questions.

so cluster training questhions… does it hlep me become stronger? i do a rep rest 10 sec then dop a rep etc? sorry i sound stupiod

thx for being nice

You’re welcome!

Regarding clusters, if you search the home page or this forum page, you will find articles that should answer your questions; but it seems like you have the right idea. Just type “Clusters”.

There’s nothing stupid about asking questions; that’s what the forum is for. Good luck!