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Best Workout Ever: Dan John Style

For once I thought I’d actually do something that I said I would, so yesterday, I tried what Dan John suggested and dragged the weights outside.

The sun was out, it was a bank holiday weekend, and the garage was just too hot to train in, so I thought, what the hell, do some overhead squats. I dragged the oly bar out and set up, threw the lot overhead, squatted down and gave my body something to think about (damn am I inflexible!).

I had to squat out quite wide in order to get down without ending up on my face, and my shoulders were getting agitated, but I got down and then got back up again and repeated that for a while. OH Squats are definetly in for this summer.

So, that ordeal over with I thought I’d do some deadlifts. The hardest part of the exercise was carrying all the plates outside, almost demolishing my feet and tripping over all the junk in the garage.

So, a few cracked patio slabs and a slightly remodeled garage aside, it was probably the best workout ever.


Dan John smiles.

(Fade out)