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Best Women's Athletic Shoe Below $50


I'm looking to get my girl a pair of shoes b/c she's had her's for 2 years now and says they are fine. I got her to realize the insoles are and were crap now and they shoes are killing her feet/knees.

What's a good pair of shoes out there, maybe with a little lateral support (occasional tennis)?

I said athletic to be broad, anything to get her out of her flip flops really. Hopefully from experience, but I'll take what I get.


My wife is rockin' Nike's, we picked em up on along with some kicks for myself and got the deal at Champs (buy 1, get 2nd pair half off) hers came out to 40 bucks... Keep an eye open for promotions and get friendly with some of the staff...


Any type in particular, Khalid?
I'm a Nike ho', so I second the idea. If I could get her in a pair of frees that would be cool, though they don't have much lateral support.
I need to see how she feels about the shoe, but I think she needs a thinner sole athletic shoe to add foot strength, which is an issue for her. She hasn't had a lot of time to play tennis really so I don't think she needs a fluffed up shoe to roll her ankle in b/c her ankles/feet are weak...

I'm helping her on the training aspect of it, but that's only a handful of hours/week. You know?


Yea frees would be ideal but we have to look at what they want in a sneaker, not just what we want for them to have (if that makes sense?)

I can't find her sneaker on the nike site (that shit never loads properly for me) but just take your girl shopping and see what she likes/have her try on some different pairs that you suggest. The staff at Champs seem to actually know about sneakers so if you go there you can describe what you need and they can pull a couple off the shelf for you.

I know what you mean, there's not enough hours in the day!!


I think it makes sense.

No Champs by my college, and nothing is close to my college either. I never knew Virginia Tech was in the middle of nowhere. Also, they thrive off temp employees or short term people bc people come and go. I'd worry to have one of the staff pick us a pair of shoes up there really, at any of the shops.

Just gotta make the best of it, that and do a lot of shopping for things like that before we head back to school, which wasn't really an option for us this summer.


Shit, that sounds like a crap situation. I guess having decent shopping experiences pretty much whenever is one of the perks of living in NYC...

Make the most of what you can man, you know better than me whats available by you, and you seem smart and level-headed enough to the make the right decision. Keep me posted!




The funny thing is this thread title on the main page leaves out the zero..making you look insanely cheap for wanting to get you womqn $5 shoes!


That's why I read it.

OP- check the clearance rack, my wife buys shoes all the time and almost never spends more that $40.