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Best Whey Protein?


What is the best whey protein out there right now in terms of price and taste?


Low-Carb Grow! (mix of whey and casein)



I am a big fan of ON. Think I paid like $26 for a 5lb tub


Grow! tops the list. Best tasting and superb quality.

I've tried others in the past and now (friends' stuff) and they taste like ass compared to Grow!

And, Surge for pre/post-workout.


Be realistic here. Yes Grow! Tastes Great....and it's a fantastic quality...and it's REASONABLY priced for what they put in it.......BUT
It's far too much money for someone that uses a lot of it.

If you're looking to use a lot of the stuff go with a cheaper on like Optimun Nutritions or Protein Usa's..but if you're only looking to use Grow! on a limited basis, buy it.
I've found that when you mix Grow! with other protein powders they taste a lot better too.


Well, someone who eats meat (hint, hint) shouldn't be relying on "a lot" of it anyways. Thus, making it rather affordable, especially for the quality.

Had to. :wink:


I use Grow! because I think it is the most superior forumlation out there, however it does get expensive if you use a lot. I also use IDS Multi-Pro Whey Isolate, best tasting stuff I've ever tried, and inexpensive too.


I use a lot of protein powder and I no longer use anything other than Grow!. I'd rather spend my money on quality products that crap like ON.


Grow! is good stuff; I admit that. Being in Alberta... or even Canada though, Grow! is just expensive. At $23 US its priced reasonably, but at $70 Canadian it gets pretty expensive for such a small quantity.

I use AllMax ISOFLEX and Cytoposport's EVOPRO.

Grow! is still my favorite, but these two used in conjuntion are pretty good too.


A double serving of Grow! is around $2.78 I think. That's 40g of a high quality blend of expensive proteins.

Not bad at all. Try to buy a meal somewhere for $2.78. Then try to buy a healthy, high protein meal for $2.78.

Yes, I'm sure you can find some plain whey floor sweepings that gag you for 40 cents cheaper. Go for it. Then you'll have to add stuff to it so you can gag it down and that costs more money. By the time you're done you have a shitty tasting drink of sub-quality protein. But hey, you saved 20 cents!


How is ON crap?


It is of low quality and tastes like crap.

Granted, it's a better source of protein than dog food, but it's not something I would buy again or recommend.


i don't know wtf most of you are talking about. I buy a 20lb tub of whey at cosco and it tastes pretty damn good. i've tried Grow! and it was good but about twice the price of what i'm buying


Hats off to you guys who can tolerate the nasty protein gas from that crap costco brand. I know that my girlfriend especially loves the way I smell after Grow!.

I buy Grow! for the same reason I buy an expensive athletic-cup. When it involves my body I want quality.


Ok let me do some math here...
The protein I buy at Costco is about $3/lb. I go through about one/week usually. That's $20 a week.
I would have to use 3 Grows! For this.

$50week * 52/weeks/year = $2600 year extra. That's larger than the average grocery bill in America.

I'm not going to lie; I love Grow!. I use it during the V-diet but I'm not a white-collar worker yet...


A mixed blend is always a better choice for muscle building...

...and you guys should check out all that free nutrition and training advice, updated on almost a daily basis, on the "Costco" site...(sorry...I forgot the "Costco" URL...)



It lists Isolates first in its ingredients and also has hydrolyzed peptides. Has the highest protein per gram ratio, and its not cheap filler protein. Granted it doesnt taste good. But comparing one of the best(price and qaulity wise) Whey blends out there to Dog Food is wrong. No matter how tasteless it is.

I do agree Grow! is a superior product due to the blend of proteins in it. But as far as Whey blends go, ON's 100% is great stuff.


Grow! is great, but I can see where someone who depends on alot of it can site expense reasons for mixing or choosing another.

This argument is so bogus and overused. They get plenty of exposure and advertising for the 'free' info that is given. I love the site and I do Grow! and I've done Alpha Male. But that is no reason to tell someone that if they use the site they must buy Grow!. Or that any other protein source is dog food. Or chide them because they aren't drinking the Kool-Aid. Really--it's not like this is some super secret infor available only here.


Grow! is more expensive than the typical bucket o' whey. Then again, the beef and chicken I buy are more expensive than what you'll find in Costco, Sams, or even the typical grocery store. I believe in eating high quality food and I'm willing to sacrifice spending money on other things in order to do this.

If quality isn't as important to you, there are definitely less expensive options available. If you can stomach the taste and don't have any digestive issues choose the cheapest.


I've never seen anyone tell someone they must use any Biotest product.

I've worked in the supplement industry long enough to have learned to not trust most brands, though. Biotest is one of a few brands that I do trust because of what they do behind the scenes that never even makes it on to these forums. I have not seen one instance where they have sacrificed quality in order to increase sales.

I've worked with raw material suppiers and know that top quality protiens cost companies more than the discount proteins consumers purchase online. Even with volume discounts and all that large volume manufactures receive, it's not economically possible to buy a 5 or 10 pound package of high-quality protein for the prices that are commonly found online. So, I know these are not top quality products.

This doesn't mean that they should be taken off the market or are dangerous in any way. They just are not something I use or recommend.