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Best Weightgainer Supplement?


Im a measly 5'10 170 and Im trying to get bigger. I was wondering what weight gainer should I take to supplement a proper diet? My friend said Stealth worked for him but I would like to get more peoples opinions.


What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

The answer to this is more important than the answer to your shake question.




X 2

1) Answer Chris
2) Is "Stealth" where you take food you don't like, ie. spinach, and put it into something you do like, ie meatloaf, so you don't know your eating it? If so, your friends is correct.


You know, food is the obvious answer but some people just can't eat enough to gain. I can't comprehend that myself because I could literally stuff myself all day long no problem. My roommate always told me that he couldn't gain weight, and until we moved in together I found out why: the guy just doesn't have an appetite. He will literally eat junk food and high calorie shit but he just doesn't eat it that much.

Right now he is back on track gaining but only because he drinks a gainer shake twice a day (about 1300 kcal mostly of shit carbs). Ideal? No. Working? Yes.


Chris I did not eat properly at all. I want to change my diet, I am thinking of doing the diet Matt Kroc posted on here about a month ago. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/eat_to_get_big_without_getting_fat


I like MHP/Up Your Mass. Has good ingredients. But you have to eat!


Nothing against Kroc's article, but you don't need to get that scientific with it. You just need to focus on eating well and eating consistently and adjust upwards as needed.


Weight gainers are just koolaid, a ton of sugar with some protein powder and crushed of vitamin pills.

Eat a shit load of food, be smart ofcourse. Drink your protien, get your vitamins and minerals in, you should start gaining weight. Give it 6 months before you weigh yourself again


Then you don't need a weight gainer shake.

That's fine. It's something. A start.

What have you eaten today?

(Do 'ya get where I'm going with this? Reading, researching, and planning is fine, but if you don't put it into action, you're just pulling your pud. Also, priorities are more than a little important. Figure out your training and nutrition and then sort out supplements.)

So, yeah, what've you eaten today?


Try the hardgainer breakfast bomb:


Very easy to make and it costs me less than $2.50 per shake.

In regards to the question about brand quality, Chocolate Cytosport Monster Mass mixed w/ 8 oz whole milk provides a macro ratio that's very close to 40/30/30 as suggested in the above article.


GOMAD diet (gallon of milk a DAY). bring baby wipes, could get ugly if you are lactose intolerant :wink:
Also, 40-50grams of casein protien in whole milk (16oz) before bed. You could always just eat a COW !
but whatever you eat keep it "clean" as the current "food PR" blog is getting seriously close to having a heart attack itself...lol.


It is pretty bad what I have eaten today :confused: it was 2 pop tarts, 2 beeferonis, some corn and pasta, 2 bowls of cereal. It is tough living in a dorm room at college. But I will hopefully be moving into a house in a couple weeks so that has a full kitchen. When that happens I will be able to use the kitchen to eat properly.


yeah thats not much food at all my man, even lots of junk food is not THAT high in calories like pop tarts and bistro stuff pizza pockets etc.

like many have said before

2 scoop whey
3 tbsp peanut butter
2 cups 2% or whatever % milk
1 cup oatmeal
thats over 1100 calories right there and is fast to make and tastes good.

what i used to do is eat my meal then chase it with one of those or a weight gainer.

I do rely on weight gainers a lot while i gain but im not going to mention brands on this site.

look at the ingredients ie. carb sources protein sources, make sure its reasonably low sugar. i like ones with at least 50g protein and 100g carb per serving but ones with 60g protein and 150g carb are great too.

the problem isnt that your eating that type of food but KEEP TRACK of how many calories and grams of protein you are injesting at least for a while so you have a good idea when youve ate your calorie goal for the day.
pic a number go from there and religiously hit it every single day and whatever you dont eat one day make up for it the next

its a pain in the ass at first but then it becomes second nature ive done it for years


You have your carbs covered, now all you need to do is eat some protein.