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best weight lifting routine for strength?

what do you guys think is the best weight lifting routine for getting stronger?

go on the elite lifts site and go to the articles section and get the westside beginner program. if you have any questions on it either read the other articles on the site or purchase the seminar video. I have been doing it for 7 weeks now and some asshole in my gym complained to my manager that he shouldn’t be hiring trainers that use steroids. i guess it was an indirect compliment.

Absolutley great program. This is how some of the strongest men in the world train. Read up about WestSide Barbell club, and Louis Simmons training techniques. The first time I tried a 9 week program, that’s how long they run, my bench went from 275 to 335, my dead lift from 315 to 455, and my squat from 275 to 385. This program works, but it’s very hard work and can be tough on the joints. Good luck.

I think it depends. Are you talking about getting stronger for the specific powerlifting lifts? Or do you mean just generally stronger?

I’ve been pretty intrigued about Westside Barbell for a while now, but I still have my reserves.

I have NO DOUBT that Westside Barbell produces some of the world’s strongest powerlifters in the world. I mean look at Dave, he’s a beast.

But I guess I’m not sure whether Westside would fit my needs. It seems like someone that is looking to improve in sports like kickboxing, BJJ, MMA, or overall athleticity and agility may be held back by the shear bulk this training seems to produce.

When one trains Westside, is it possible to combine the astonishing strength gaining capablity of the program with the fatloss capabilities of say HIIT or sprinting? Is it possible to work in only cycles of Westside? I’ve been told that if you’re going to adopt Westside techniques, it’s more like adopting a lifestyle.

Again, in NO way am I attempting to diss Westside’s methodology, I’m just unsure of it’s applicability to my goals. Maybe I’m out of line… Maybe my thinking’s ignorant. I’d appreciate some of the guys w/ the Westside experience let me know.

Kyle Witter


The great thing about Westside is it can be adapted to anything to fit your needs. Think of it as Westside principles because if you dont train AT Westside you dont train Westside. So in other words make it your own. To see examples Look at JackAsses training logs vs. Coach X or Coach H’s logs vs. the powerlifters logs and you will see many differences. I happen to use it for baseball training and I use ME and DE days but I change alot to fit my needs for baseball. Hope that helps and good luck.

Hey, where is the articles section on the elite fitness website. The website appears to have nothing on it, except a link to the store. Where are the articles and forums that I always hear about. Could someone help me out here.

If you are talking about getting stronger for the powerlifts I would have to say Westside, but the Metal Militia does produce some huge benches.

The articles on elitefts.com are right up in top frame of the website. It says
home, shop, q&a, news, articles. Maybe there is a problem with your browser, because it is in plain view right when the site pops up.

Holy shit. It looks like a completely different site. I adjusted my Norton setting to not block ads on the elite fitness site. Hey thanks Andrew1.