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Best Weight Gainer ?


Cyto Gainer
BSN's True Mass
Prolab N-Large II
Optimum Serious Mass


Be prepared for everyone to tell you that the best "weight gainer" is food, not powder from a jug. Most weight gainers are a lot of sugar without the many benefits from a balanced diet.


How about milk?? Also, Biotest sells a Complete version of Metabolic Drive which packs 40g of protein, a bunch of good fats and 8g of fiber (something I doubt any of those have).

add 3 scoops of Complete to 2 or 3 cups of milk and you have a bonafide weight gainer meal with 70g of protein and over 600 calories.

Or just any old protein inside of milk really. Or hell, milk by itself always works to pack on the pounds.


I'll be the first. What Lonnie said is sensible, but just about anything advertised as a weight gainer is not something I'd use to make gains.


If I had to pick a weight gainer then I would use allmax's quick mass. Used it last winter during my bulk along with a large amount of food and had good results.


Metabolic Drive complete, a serving of your choice of greens supplement, 15-30mL macadamia oil, 4-6 fish oil caps, 2-3 CLA caps.

of course you could add creatine and beta alanine to this 'meal' to tweak it, but you would be very hard pressed to find anything with comparable nutrient density or nutrient partitioning characteristics.

the stats on said meal are 535-680 kcal, 41g protein (pretty much the highest quality one can get), 28-46g of a perfect fat blend, 8g fiber (of the better fiber sources available), and 15g of slow digesting carbs. as for micronutrients, i would say one will have a hard time coming up with a meal packed with this amount of micros for the money. acid-base balance is there too.

if you feel you need more carbs, add fruit like bananas, mango, grapes or anything to the higher end of the carb content scale, or just eat a half kilo of blueberries because you can.

btw this costs me about $4 canadian, so i don't want to hear complaints about price. the time it takes vs a single ready to go pack, fair, but the extra half minute is worth the far superior nutrient and absorption profile.


I scream, you scream...


see tribulus' post above, this falls into that category.

Even though the protein in it is quality, the carbs are crap and it is lacking in micronutients.

To reiterate, any prepackaged weight-gainer is bound to be crap. really its like bringing a butter knife to a gunfight.

Look at the problem as a meal replacement one and you will be able to come up with a better solution. just getting a bunch of protein and calories is not the same as optimizing your nutrition.

in fact grams of protein and calories is probably the worst yardstick one can use when evaluating the efficacy of the meal they are taking in, because make no mistake, it is a meal and many suggestions above are crap as is the concept of high carbs and moderate to low fat for bulking. this has been surely infuenced by the use of insulin in pro bodybuilding and all the 'recommendations' that thus follow.

Unless you are one of these few freaks or want to be, i suggest you reconsider. for the sake of your health and by way also progress toward your goals.


muscle milk will put on weight very fast, and tastes great


So will and does Rocky Road ice cream, but there are better ways.


I just got this Dymatize "mega mass gainer" tub. It tastes like sugar water, prob going to give me diabetes or something.

It says there is only 39g of sugar in a serving, which has 1280cal. I'm only taking a half serving a day btw.

It certainly doesn't fill me up like an equal amount of food calories would.

Eh, I've gained almost 20lbs and I still look the same as the toothpick I was over the summer. Everyone who I tell my weight to says I look much less than I actually am. Must be all that hidden ass and leg muscle. lol


I believe in supplementation with quality products, but not as a major source of calories in most cases and definitely not when gaining. PWO. Other than that it is no problem getting large numbers of quality cals from food for little money, especially for me because I will eat anything whatsoever that moves me toward my goals which opens up all kinds of nutritionally sound and economic possibilities.




Ugh, I don't know about this stuff. Maybe it's just a placebo reaction, but I'm not feeling my best after taking a glass of this. lol Can't knock real food....


Try Massive Eating program by Berardi.


Hmm, time to live up to FutureDoc's predictions...

Just eat. Get a lot of protein and make sure you're eating. I don't particularly like "weight gainers" as, echoing what's been said in the posts above me, they lack a lot of necessary nutrients. I suggest a lot of peanut butter sandwiches, they never hurt.


24 oz t-bone, fully loaded baked potato, salad, pecan pie.

Delicious, tons of calories and full of all the macro-nutrients.


Block of Cheese.
Whole Chicken.


Root beer blended with donuts and icecream eat a bunch of candybars with it throw some bacon in there too.... you will gain weight.


I think hes looking for drinkable calories, but everyones right weight gainers are a waste of money.

If you want to drink massive calories, buy a tone of protein powder and drink with milk. The average weight gainer is like 1000kcal a serving, so just drink 10 protein shakes a day. The calories will be more nutritional, as they are coming from protein.

You probably need a nutritional overhaul if you are having a hard time bulking up. Post your diet and people here can help... hopefully...