Best website creator program

I will be creating a website in my spare time soon. Something simple, like a couple of galleries, a links section and some text pages.

Any recommendations (programs and/or code to use) ? I would prefer a turn-key/wizard style program, if possible.

Thanks in advance!

Dreamweaver is widely considered the best out there, but its $400.
Its fairly easy to use and theres no end to how slick you can go.

Microsoft’s pagebuilder should handle your needs from the sounds of it.


Dreamweaver is about the best out there, but it has a learning curve of 1-3 months depending on how much spare time and how bright you are. It also has a WYSIWYG format, but Frontpage’s WYSIWYG format is better.

My wife did a website for her DII volleyball team over the weekend without any prior experience or html on Frontpage.

If you aren’t using it for business, have a student buy Dreamweaver for you ($99).

Dream weaver doesn’t support Access is the biggest drawback, so if you ever want to do on-line database type stuff, your out. Other than that, though it is by far the best for depth.

Frontpage is easiest, but not as widely supported by servers (I’d find out before you buy one). Also, Frontpage hacks up html pretty good.

When you get going, check out and

Those two sites are free html downloads and java downloads of cool special effects for your site… just cut and paste into your html…the little “programs” describe exactly where t pate the code. Very cool stuff.

Anyway, I don’t have very much knowledge on web-sites, so I won’t spew for long, but, maybe since I don’t, I might be a good person to listen to.

BTW- I own Dreamweaver and Frontpage.

Also, I would not recommend getting Dreamweaver 2004MX for a little while. The 2004MX version is very buggy. The average user can get by with an older version quite easily, and won’t be missing much. The upgrades mostly help web designers.

My .02

I use Dreamweaver and like it. I don’t think that the learning curve is all that steep, though. I was up and running in a few hours. Of course, I haven’t implemented a whole lot of slick stuff on my website, either… :wink:

Silver, thanks for those links. I’m going to check them out.

Microsoft Frontpage is quite easy to use, and will meet all of your needs.

Dreamweaver is the best, though.

Notepad is the most difficult! :D)