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Best Ways to Improve Chin-Ups


What are the best ways to increase the number of bodyweight pull-ups/chin-ups one can do while also using a modified Westside template that is basically Westside for Skinny Bastards 2 with minor adjustments? I know greasing the groove is effective but it really isn't pragmatic based on my lifestyle to do five sets of chin-ups a day.

I am thinking of just doing three sets to failure 3x a week. Anybody with experience in this field (combining a program to increase max bodyweight chins and heavy weight lifting 4x a week)?


I've found that weighted chins really helped my BW chin numbers the most.


Grease the Grove....do several sets throughout the day. 5 sets of 5 reps with at least one hour rest between sets. It has helped me reach BW+100lbs pullups. I weigh 205lbs btw.


the best way i have is to use density training.

For example what ever you goal is double that volume and go from there. goal 12rep = 24total vol
12x2x60sec rest
8x3x60sec rest
6x4x60sec rest
5x5x60 sec rest
4x6x60sec rest

you dont advance to the next stage until you can get all sets and reps in that time, by the time you can get 4x6 12 chinup wont be a problem.


I wouldn't do 3 sets to Failure 3x a week. That's a little excessive...unless you have some good genetics and aren't doing much else.

I got my girlfriend from 2-3 to a dozen basically doing a couple things which I would recommend.

Pick 2 days out of your workout week. If your M/T/TH/F, pick say M and TH.

M - pullups 3 sets x failure - 2 (aka leave a couple reps in you each set)

TH - chinups 3 x F-2 (same thing)

Do that a month or so and I can pretty much guarantee gains. I would test before you start, max chins and max pulls. Then after a month, maybe with a rest week too, test again your max.

I'm assuming you can do a handful or so right now. If you can't do any or can do 20 I would change the recommendation. Also, lose any fat you are carrying. This will make them easier. See how many you can do with a 10lb weight hanging from you to see the difference that makes.

Hope this helps.