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Best Way to Wrap Your Hands!

How do you guys do it? I always find my wraps coming lose after 30 min to an hour. Anything I can do to keep this from happening?

Also what’s the best way to wrap your hands?

I’ve always done it pretty much exactly like this-

But it’s just personal preferance, some guy showed me this kinda style years ago and it always worked well, so why change?

So umm, I dunno- how long are your wraps? What are they made out of? How long have you owned them for?

I found some that I have owned have been way too short, I go for at least 180cm,
and new wraps or some materials have more stretch in them, which can make it harder to get them nice and tight, I find once you’ve worn them in abit they get better. Some guys I know tape the ends because the velcro can suck abit- they tend to have more stretch because of the extra stitching?, but I never really saw the need.

Hope that helped?

I found this about two years ago, and have been wrapping them like this ever since.


I wrap them like tassie linked. Saves my hands from getting beat up. BTW- Always get the longer wraps. I got the super long “Mexican” style (whatever that means) from Everlast. They are great.