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Best Way to Warm Oil

The test-e i have is hard to draw up in a 23g needle, i have heard people talking about warming the oil to make it easier to inject, what are the best ways to do this?

For most, the best way is soak the amp or vial in a bowl of water that is very hot. nowhere near boiling but too hot to put your hand in for more than a couple seconds…

thanks, i ran it under the faucet under hot for a period of 2 minutes or so, went in much smoother. Wish I would of known that the first time around, my other glute is killin me from Monday. Im still suffering from the test-flu and the area is red and warm, its much better than it was but jesus, that sucked.

I would be concerned if you are experiencing pain, redness, heat and a swelling to the inj. site - which then results in flu like symptoms - then that can be an abscess that has infected the blood.

Not to scare you or anything - it might be test flu…


well it seems to be subsiding, injected monday, today the swelling is much less but still kinda feel funky. I neglected to mention that ibe been clean for 6 months and shot 2ml/500 which might of been to much to start off a new cycle. I shot today in the other glute with 1ml/250 and will see how it goes.

run the filled syringe under the tap for a minute or two…or invest in a heating pad and place it in there for a bit before injecting.

if you haven’t injected for a while, the trauma to the tissue may be causing the pain. it should subside over the next few days and be less over the next few injections.

Aside from running the syringe under hot water, I also inject after I get out of the shower. Aside from it being nice knowing I’m all clean before I inject, the fact that my body is warmer seems to make everything go in smoother and easier.

I just use the tap myself. A minute is plenty. If you store the stuff at say 75ºF it does not take long for it to reach near body temps under hot water.

Thanks for feedback everyone, everyhting is almost back to normal and “juice20jd” was right, its been a while, i just forget how much pain with the first couple of injects. There is defintely more BA content with QV TESTE than with the Diamond Pharma (Human Grade) Test CYP I had last time.

interesting, even after 3 weeks into cycle, i still get pain in glutes, always last about 3-5 days after. I’ve heard of people getting sterile oils to reduce the BA content, can anyone point me in the right direction for this method?

I use the first method mentioned, put the vial in a cup of very hot water. Does the trick nicely.

I found that many of the best UG labs give some kind of inj site pain. Pharma gear has been absolutely painless!

The best way to warm oil?..

Rub it all over a naked T-Vixen!

(Sorry. A bit off topic I guess.)

anyone comment on the sterile oil mix to reduce BA content?

[quote]skitmds wrote:
anyone comment on the sterile oil mix to reduce BA content?[/quote]

Worked a treat with some painful A-S Tren

[quote]skitmds wrote:
anyone comment on the sterile oil mix to reduce BA content?[/quote]

Its not real rocket science. If you double the oil content it then cuts the BA content in half.

Add the extra oil and then filter the product into sterile vials.