Best Way to Utilize What I Have?

Hello all,

I am 6’4’’ 220 lbs with about 9% body fat. I’m 24 years old. I have a prescription for testosterone cypionate (my “prescribed dose” is now down to 50 mg/every 2 weeks) and clomiphene (50 mg every day). My doc is tapering me off on the testosterone in hopes that I can just be on clomiphene and then eventually nothing.

Anyways, I have approx 2,300 mg of test cyp. (one unopened 10 ml vial @ 200 mg/ml, plus one more 10 ml vial that has about 1/4 left) that I would like to utilize in a cycle. I did a 10 week cycle of 300 mg/week that ended in January of this year. I made some nice gains (not as big of gains as I was hoping for, but acceptable to me). *Note, I did not have a prescription for clomiphene at this time and did not take this until after my cycle.

In order to maximize gains, what do you all recommend my schedule be? My initial thoughts are the following, let me know what you think and what adjustments you would make:

-Continue taking 50 mg clomid every day.
-Plus 400 mg test cypionate per week for 6 weeks.


-Continue taking 50 mg clomid every day.
-Plus 300 mg test cypionate per week for 8 weeks.

As I said before, I noticed OK gains on a 10 week cycle at 300 mg/wk. But I figure adding in 50 mg of clomiphene per day might give me nicer results.

Thanks in advance.

No advice on your protocol, but I have a general question: Have you actually had blood tests done since you started the clomid? If so, what were your LH/FSH levels?

I can’t think of a good reason for running a SERM and Test together for test-only purposes, so I’m curious if this actually works to maintain your LH/FSH…I wouldn’t think it does…

I dont have the exact numbers, but I was on just testosterone, then he added clomid and reduced my testosterone dose. A blood test a few weeks later, my doctor said that my LH and FSH levels all looked back to where they should be. So, test and clomid together seems to be working.

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