Best Way to Use Mag-10, Indigo-3G, and Plazma

I have these three products and was wondering if the way to go is Indigo-3G followed by Plazma for workout then Mag-10 for post workout? Or should I use Indigo-3G for later date? Trying to build lean muscle and lose fat. Amy other suggestions?

Yes, that’s the ideal plan.

You’ll want to take Indigo-3G about 30 minutes prior to your pre-workout dose of Plazma, which should be about 15 minutes prior to your workout. Follow that up with a dose of Mag-10 45 minutes to an hour after training. For your toughest workouts, you can follow that with another Mag-10 dose an hour after the first.

So, say, if you’re training at 6:00pm, you’ll want to follow this schedule:

5:15 - Indigo-3G
5:45 - Plazma
6:00 - Train (possible second dose of Plazma)
6:45 - End session
7:30 - Mag-10
8:30 - Mag-10 or solid meal

Hope that helps!

And be sure to pop over to the Biotest forums for more advice.