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Best Way to Treat Multiple Small Injuries

I’m really at a loss for what to do. I injured my knee last year, and since then there has been a snowball of injuries. I feel great at times, and then before you know it I get injured again because my motivation is way ahead of how my body currently feels. Basically I want to set up a foundation, and clear out the imbalances in my muscles. As well as any problems with posture, such as internal rotation of the shoulders, and clicks in various joints. Keep in mind my injuries have healed most of the way, but as they are now it just feels like they aren’t going anywhere unless I do something about it.

For example, my right quad feels great one day, and like complete crap the next. My elbows and shoulders click and pop, and generally feel horrible when doing bodyweight exercises. Somehow, they barely act up while lifting, but I feel like an accident waiting to happen. I’m also a sprinter, but I’ve found out it’s not a good idea to train for that until everything is stable. I’ve read tons of articles on here, but I’m not sure how exactly to put a routine like this together. Is this possible, or would everything conflict way too much? What would be the best way to go about this?

Welcome to the forums. I’d recommend that you get see by an expert, whether it be a physical therapist, ART specialist or even a strength coach. Find someone that can do a good thorough examination on you and determine what needs to be adressed. Then find out what type of training you CAN AND SHOULD BE doing.

For the average person, there is no reason why weightlifting should be out of the picture. But there must be a reason why you got so injured in the first place. It may be: imbalances, overzelous training, poor nutrition, poor form/technique, poor recovery, etc.

So first you need to make sure you are ready to proceed, or what needs to be adressed before you proceed. Then you need to figure out what got you in this situation in the first place, otherwise it will likely happen again. And lastly, you need to continue to be smart about your training so it doesn’t happen again.

***Hope this helps. There are some articles here, like “lower back savers” and “shoulder savers” that have a ton of great info. They also give exercise substitutions. Like some people shouldn’t be benching full ROM and instead DB floor press is a great alternative. But before you make thes types of changes, you should figure out the problems.