Best Way to Track/Measure Your Body

  1. Keep a Training Journal
    What you write in your journal is up to you, but the idea is to document and record factors relevant to your bodybuilding, including non-tangibles like your thoughts and feelings. You might want to record the following:

Training routine you do each day
How you felt when you stuck to your diet or when you overate
Your mental attitude to you workout
The excuses you used to give yourself permission to sabotage your goal
The stories you noticed you said to yourself
When do you seem to be most energetic â?? morning or late afternoon?
Are you progressively lifting heavier weights?
What could be the reason why you didnâ??t work out 3x last week, or why you ate 4 cheat meals instead of just 1?
How did it feel when you tried running for 30 minutes instead of the usual 10?
Did you do something youâ??re really proud of this week?
If you do this long enough, youâ??ll notice patterns in your performances, or your way of thinking and doing that will give you an insight on how to keep changing for the better.

  1. Measure Your Body Every Week
    You may include your body measurements on your journal. I personally prefer to Keep an Excel Spreadsheet which I use to record my weekly results. I use a simple Tape measure (the type that tailors use) to measure my :

Left arm and Right arm
Left and Right Thigh
Left and Right Calf
You might want to measure these stats in centimeters (not inches) to make it easier to notice the slightest progress you make. Youâ??ll find it motivating when you see your results, no matter how small.

Then of course weigh yourself, and then measure your body fat percentage. There are many tools you can use â?? there are body fat calipers, Body fat analyzers, or the body fat & body water scales. I myself use the AccuMeasure Personal Body Fat Tester, because itâ??s simple, inexpensive, accurate and easy to use.

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The stories you noticed you said to yourself

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