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Best Way to Test Bodyfat?


whats the best way to determine bodyfat -are there any devices you could suggest?


Holding up a shoe.....




Whats a good device for measuring skinfold


A shoe.


I don't get it


Use calipers for skin fold OK not great for BF but to keep track yes. Water or DEXA is it are accurate.

Why the need for accurate BF% are you competing?? I dont understand the constant desire to know if one is 8,9,10, 12 what ever. How do you look, meeting goals??


I guess your right -its just that Im bulking and I think im getting too fat




A space aged, highly advanced amorphous optical reflecting panel.

I'll sell ya one...


there is also the body comp scan. its kinda like a ct scan


I agree. they are best for the buck.