Best Way to Take This Anadrol

I’ve just finished week 3 of a 16 week cycle to peak for a powerlfiting meet. I have 100 50mg Anadrol caps. I’ve tried a few pre-workout here and there and it is awesome. I plan to use a few more preworkout for the next few weeks. What I want your guys thoughts on is, how would you take the Anadrol in this situation? 100mg/day for 6 weeks leading up to the meet. 50mg/day for 12 weeks? Somewhere in between? Assume I don’t care about liver toxicity unless it would be absolutely nightmarish to run even a low dose for many weeks.

Run that anadrol at the end to help you get through the plateo that will come. This is all based on the assumption that you have a test base. The test will get you moving in a positive direction and will carry you greatly. But it will slow down and this is relative to everyone’s personal genetics and such. So assume the test will help you improve at least until the last six weeks start. Then add in the anadrol. As far as dose and when and if to increase dose, idk about it in regards to your specific situation. I just know that 16 weeks on anadrol will have you feeling like crap come meet time because the liver will be stressed and it will effect your energy levels.

I’m doing 350mg/week each of test e and tren e. Just wasnt sure if I would get more out of the anadrol by doing a high dose for those last few weeks or a lower dose for longer.

What was the final outcome? Anadrol everyday @ 50mg for 2 weeks on then 2 weeks off is what I do. Less toxic on the liver, overall, etc.