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Best Way to Take Surge

Whats the best way to take surge? I have 1 scoop before and 1 scoop after a workout.

I read that surge needs to be diluted alot, but how do you guys workout with all that water in the belly?

More recent articles by JB say to drink half during workout, and the rest afterwards.

I believe at 185lbs, you’ll be fine if you mix 1.75 to 2 scoops of Surge with roughly 1 liter of water. Personally, I can go through allot more than 1/2 liter of water during a workout.

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yea, i read the JB article too, now i gotta find a 1 liter water bottle. thanks

I use a 1 liter bottle that I believe is made by RubberMade. It has a wide opening when the lid is off that is perfect for a Grow sized scoop. I bought them at Wal-Mart.

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I’ve followed JB’s recommendation’s for Surge to the letter, and they definitely work. Be sure to follow the dilution recommendations as well—I believe it was 500-900ml per scoop. And don’t wait any longer than 90 min after your PW dose to eat. If you do you’ll get a firsthand look at a bloodsugar crash–no fun.

i find that “rectal administration” is the most efficient way to use surge.

I just want to emphasize the water thing. I’ve was using it too concentrated and when I went with 1L H2O with 1 scoop during and the same after I really noticed a difference

This shit is way too complicated…

I just spent the entire fucking day trying to complile a menu for my first day on JB’s Growth Surge nutritional plan. I think I need therapy!

Now I have to dilute my Surge on top? Geez, how 'bout a fucking “BodyBuilding for Dummies” book? Or maybe “T-Mag for the perplexed.” Yeah, I like that one better!


Hey, there, Trying…

Rathman and johnny boy are correct. Following the dilution recommendations for Surge is critical to its success. In its properly diluted form, Surge is quickly delivered to the small intestines where it is absorbed and immediately starts the process of dropping cortisol levels and increasing protein synthesis. Read JB’s article on “Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle.”

Taking Surge with less than recommended amounts of water will delay gastric emptying and would be counter productive.

LittleJay, if you need help, start a new thread. We’d be glad to help. It’s only complicated in the beginning.

I take 2.5 scoops in about 20 oz of water. I do it right after my workout. Basically I finish and walk straight to the locker room and make it in a shake cup…

Which new article are people referring to?

Thanks T-T…I think I will start a new thread.

As for the Surge, I used it for the first time today…dilluted 1 scoop into about 500 ml od H2O. I’ll add more water from now on…closer to a liter, as I had NO problem drinking that much liquid during my workout!

Didn’t notice anything from taking it…but that’s not why I use it. I tried PowerDrive for that benefit, and actually did notice a slight improvement in mood/focus. Then again, it was only one workout and could be a placebo effect. Who knows?

Side Note: I’ve been on the Atkins Diet until today, and I didn’t notice any sugar rush with Surge or my 2nd PWO meal, which was cereal and Grow (low carb). I’m happy with that, as I’ve had no desire to indulge in carbs since 3pm today. Maybe I’m not so Insulin Insensitive anymore?



Surge taken via rectal pathway provides the most anabolic support.


Surge probably tastes a lot better than my homebrew dextrose/malto/vit/min mix and hydro whey. My drink tastes like ass but I like the effect.

LJay, the only time you want to spike insulin is PWO. The cool thing is that when you lift weights, you alter the cellular membranes of the muscle cells, making them more insulin sensitive; it’s called Non-Insulin Mediated Glucose Uptake.

Well worth reading up on. In other words, compared to Atkins, you’re taking in a boatload of carbs PWO, but your body is primed to receive 'em. And you’re right, no cravings!

Ok this is how today went (and I will probably do this each day at the same time):

7am : 2 scoops Classic Grow + 500mL fat free milk
8am-9: Workout
During Workout: 1 scoop Surge + iL Water
After Workout: 1 scoop Surge + iL Water
11am : Chanko meal (2 cups cooked rice + i can corn + 1 can tuna) + megaman Supp
12:45pm : 2 scoops Classic Grow + 500mL fat free milk
4:45 : Regular Dinner
8pm : Chanko Meal
11:30 pm: Yet another grow shake (i’m gonna be broke soon)

Sometimes to fill the gap between 12:45 and 4:45, I drink another Grow shake.

Given this schdeule, is this the correct way to take surge?

Oh and how accurate can the dilution be if it calls for a “rounded” scoop? Or just I just use a level scoop?

so basically in a half hour peroid (mid workout to finish) you have to down the Volumetric equivalent of a 2 liter of soda?

I have what may be a stupid question regarding the dilution of Surge. I have a shaker bottle that is a little less than a quart, a quart being a few ounces shy of a liter.

Should I be able to down an 8 oz. glass of water after drinking the mixture I’ve made up in my shaker bottle, and thus achieve the proper dilute mixture in my stomach for fast absorbtion? Or do I have to create a mixture that’s properly diluted before its ingested?


Boston, just roughly hit the ratio of one scoop per liter/quart. A few ounces one way or the other won’t make a big difference.