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Best Way to Take Resveratrol?


whats best way to take it, 600mg at once or 200mg 3 times a day, with food or without


I eat blueberries with my oatmeal. Easier then going on website and asking for dosage.

Balanced diet over shit.


the amount of grapes and blueberries that would be equivalent to a serving of rez-v would make you shit your brains out. yeah, blueberries are great, but there is no practical way to get even 10mg of resveratrol outside of supplementation. as a fellow lever 4, i can tell you that neither of us is above supplementation.


True, but that is onesupplement that makes no sense to me. No matter how much I read up on it.

OP, read the label. That is the best way.


You are supposed to take it all at once. There is supposed to be a threshold that you have to get over for effective absorption.


And you pulled this information from which hat?




It is one supplement I make sure I never run out of. I really notice a difference when I take it. It keeps me more lean, better libido, and the overall health benefits are unmatched. I guess one mans trash is another mans treasure.


You only need 250-400mg really, but if you want to take 600mg, go ahead. I take 400mg of Rez-V first thing in the morning (with my probiotics), on an empty stomach. Yes, take it all at once. DDuce is right about there needing to be a certain amount of resveratrol.