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Best Way to Take Orals

I know that various orals have different half lives but what is the best way to take them?.. Like tabs under the tongue sublingual gets the hormone into the blood faster and is great when utilized pre workout. Is it better to keep stable blood levels, or is it best to keep the body guessing by pulsing the anabolics before a workout and post training meal.

To keep the receptors from getting used to steady doses, considering some orals have such short half lives that particular hormones levels are almost nil through sleep

Never really noticed much no matter how I took them. Except if I took large dose 1-2 hours before a workout

I’m no expert but I was told that you’re suppose to take on an empty stomach. Which means 1 hr before eating or 2hrs after. I do believe it’s because most steroids are fat soluble… or something like that.

I also read that some people like to keep the gear in their system as constant as possible so they would divide the gear in 2-3 doses spread evenly througout the day.

But also, some people seem feel more the effect if they take it all 1-2 hrs prior the workout.

Maybe someone with more bio-chemical-medical background can chime in…

well, anything fat soluble should be taken with a meal.

for instance, andriol is pretty much worthless without food (even with food it’s arguable if it’s worth taking)