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Best Way to Take Nolvadex for Gyno?

Just curious what experiences worked for you guys. I’ve been taking 20mg a day and it cleared it up but when I stop it seems to come back quite fast. Should I take twenty eod or something as I’m sure I shouldn’t take 20 for a long time everyday. Or should I? I’ve just cut out dbol so I’m sure that will help

I’m switching from npp and dbol to end the last couple weeks on tren. Will this clear up itself from dropping npp and dbol? I’ve also had no other estrogen side effects so I haven’t been using an ai. I feel great.

Take 10mg/day, see if that’s enough. If not take 20mg/day for the cycle.

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Thank you

All the studies I’ve seen using Tamoxifen to reverse gynecomastia show 20mg/day for a minimum of 3 months (up to 6 months) to be most effective.

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Letrozole is a gyno killer but it can affect libido, erections, etc. Kind of a last ditch effort if all else fails

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Thanks everyone! I’ll just keep running 20 a day then since it has worked so well before. I was just thinking it would have some sort of bad side effects to continue to run it like that but sounds like there isnt

Best way to cure gyno is adding DHT compounds. It will shrink faster than anything.