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Best Way To Take Clen??


I am taking 5 oxyflux in the am and 2 in the pm....along with 1 Zaditen(ketotifen)every day...am i taking too much clen in the am??? and am i taking enfough zaditen?? what have you guys had good results with??


I use benadryl, 'cause it's cheaper..but in any case, I suggest taking either one just before bed.


my choice for sleep aids is trazadone but it prescription only. Benadryl makes it impossible for me to wake up in morning but others are too short acting. generic trazadone is super cheap too, as in cheaper than generic benadryl I think


not a sleep aid..iam talken about clen!
for weight loss


Please search before you post. This is the best post about Clen on this site.