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Best Way to Switch to Prescribed TRT?

I currently blast and cruise gear, so plan on being on for life. I am likely going to be enlisting into the Army and don’t want to deal with having to sneak hormones in. What would be the best way to get a real TRT script? How long would I have to be off for levels to be low enough during a test?

To get a legitimate scripted you would need to have been diagnosed with low-T, basically have the levels of an 85 year old man. You could go to a private clinic and get a legitimate scripted.

This answer is going to be different for everyone, it took me only 4.5 weeks to return to the state I was in pre-TRT after stopping TRT, I’ve heard some take longer (months). If you just stop TRT and your HPTA is still suppressed, the docs will know do to the almost completely suppressed LH and then they will know you were on steroids.

From what I’ve heard there’s some shadier clinics out there, is it likely that some wouldnt care if they knew?

Why would they care? I see guys all the time who have been running AAS off and on for years. They would like to discontinue, but realize they will have lower than average testosterone levels. Some have stopped, but feel like crap so TRT is their solution. I doubt you’ll have a problem.


First of all, this would be impossible in basic. You have absolutely NO privacy in basic. If you think you can hide something then you’re being naive. They go thru your shit at random. You’re sleeping with 50 other guys, showering in a gang shower. You’re not going be able to store vials, needles, and pills so you can expect to be off gear for the entire time of basic and probably most of school.

If your serious, the best thing to do is run your PCT and get off everything well before you plan on enlisting.

I recently made the transition to a legitimate script. Maybe what I did will work for you.
What worked well for me was switching to Test P. I then saw a general physician for a physical. I mentioned some symptoms of low T. The doctor suggested adding testing my T levels on my bloodwork.
I then dropped the Test P for 4 days prior to having blood drawn. That put me well below range. Then at my follow up appointment the doctor offered a testosterone prescription based on my bloodwork.
I was only off for 4 days and it wasn’t too bad at all. I realize I got lucky he didn’t test LH or FSH and didn’t recommend retesting. But if I got lucky, maybe you can too. Good luck.

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What about on the shitter at night?

Maybe some other more recent vets will chime in here but when I was in the USAF, there was NO WAY to hide anything like syringes, alcohol pads, and vials. Your locker gets inspected randomly, your day is pretty full. Hell you’ll be lucky if you can jack off on the shitter much less pin gear.

Preload some Sustanon syringes, double baggy them and put them in a large enough shampoo bottle, keep some of the shampoo in and hey it’ll still be a functioning bottle (LOL) could pin every 3-4 weeks (Wouldnt be optimal obviously, but it’ll work). Just being a jackass here though, I agree w you that PCT is probably best, but from the research I’ve done I think I could pull my plan off

Possible but is it worth getting kicked out for? Since you would have served less than 180 days, the best you would get is a general discharge and that would look like shit on your job applications. Not worth it brother.

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I’ve been B/C for about 6 months and considering PCTing and getting natural levels back. Anyone have a PCT protocol suggestion? And to anyone who’s been in a similar scenario, what was your recovery like? I’m in my early 20s fyi

How the fuck could you possibly decide to do a 6 MONTH blast and cruise and have no fucking clue on what your pct protocol should be?

Please tell me you’re not actually this ignorant while fucking with your fragile hormonal structure in your early 20s???

Hey Barry, is your E2 elevated because you are acting like a bitch. Do you normally act like this when someone asks for help?

To the OP @vacantgardener I would run an extended PCT probably same dosages for a month or two. 6 months is not that long. I swear someone on here was B/C for like 6 years and was looking for the same advice. You can also search these forums for similar threads. How long have you been off? What was your cycle? You would probably only need nolvadex.

Cute response. None of what i said was indictive of acting like a bitch, it was 1000% real talk. Tell me I’m wrong.

This is our quality of life we’re dealing with. The difference in a persons actions when they’re hormonal balanced and not is utterly staggering.

One cannot simply cruise and then haphazardly “consider” PCT without any idea of where to go or even how to. He didn’t even lay out a plan that he’s already researched.

This is how somebody ends up on the forums years later regretting the decisions they made.

If you want to sugar coat life for him go ahead, I’m going to be speak the truth and let him know, that it’s totally unacceptable to do this, especially if you knew you wanted to come off at some point.


Don’t be a jackass with your career. Find out if prescribed TRT is allowed in the Army. If so, go off gear for awhile and then seek the script.

This doesn’t have to be made difficult. But seriously, don’t fuck up your career for this.

The only reason I’d be coming off is a sudden change in career choice that was unexpected. I’m not ignorant in general as to PCTs, I’ve cycled normally before. Again like I said I never expected to come off. Not sure why you make it seem like it isn’t something I can figure out in an hour of research LOL.

How old are you? If your relatively young and the the Military is your future being on trt might be difficult. I couldn’t fathom attempting to time testosterone shots. As others have said you have no privacy. Your in a common bathroom with no stalls around the toilets. You will be required to spend extended amounts of time in the field which again would make packing a syringe or vial of testosterone pretty difficult.

My advice would be to see if you can get your levels back to normal without testosterone. It will make it much easier in the Military.

Then why did you even ask in the first place?

Better yet, why didn’t you come with a plan to be critiqued already? especially since you could’ve found a bevy of info to do so.

The doctor I see is in California and I call him on the phone every six months. We go over my bloodwork and empower mails me the scripts. I was on pellets when I had my first blood work and consultation with him. My Total T was 1564 and he didn’t care at all. He put me on 200mg cypionate a week, no biggie. I think there are plenty of docs like him out there if you need to switch to a legitimate doc.

Hint: My doc has a lot of youtube videos :slight_smile:

Cruise is nothing more than TrT, You offered no helpful advice but only belittled him.

1000% real talk?

lol thats real talk? You sound like a trailer trash moron who has emotional issues. Your “hormonal structure” is not that fragile. So why not just answer his question,What would your PCT be Barry? I’ll bet you come back with nothing but another cunty response.