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best way to stop caffeine use?

Ok, I did a search and there are lots of articles and posts on caffeine use, but if someone knows of a specific thread to read or has a tip for me, that would be great. I am trying to stop using caffeine. I am tired of spending money on Diet Mountain Dew and coffee as well as being somewhat concerned about what it does to insulin sensitivity. Thanks! Eric

If you were doing 200mg caffeine/day or whatever say 2 coffe 2 mtn dew.
drop to 2 coffee 1 mtn dew for 2 days
drop to 1 coffee 1 mtn dew for a day
then go to 1 coffee for a day

Or just gut it out…that’s what I did. I got some powerdrive to help with energy levels and one day the headaches were bad enough that i took ibuprofen at 600mg…1 day won’t kill you.

Look up Yerba mate in the Search function to the right or use the following:

read Tampa-Terry’s response

hope this helps

Guess I should mention that I have tried to “just stop” but I never get very far without starting again. I get the headaches as well as serious cravings. . . I drink 1 (sometimes 2) 20 oz diet dews per day, occasionally 1 cup of coffee and occasionally an American Bodybuilding Adrenalene Stack (210 mg caffeine). I also drink a cup of green tea a couple of times per week.

No caffeine? Are you some kinda pinko Commie? (kidding)

Two tips: Gradually taper down caffeine usage. Buy regular coffee and decaf (which still has some caffeine, BTW). Go half and half for a week or two. Then go to all caffeine-free and all decaf for a couple of weeks, then drop them altogether if that’s what you want. This can help with both physical and psychological addiction.

Another way I’ve helped people get off cokes (“cokes” = Texan for all soft drinks/pops): When you normally drink a coke, have a generic caffeine tablet instead and guzzle the water. In a week or two, buy a pill splitter at the drug store and go for half a tab. After a week or two of that, go to one-fourth, then none. This is cheaper than buying caffeine free drinks and helps you ditch the soft drinks all together.

You could always go cold turkey, but I find the above to be more effective in the long run for most people, especially real caffeine addicts.

Might also switch to green tea. If you choose decaf green tea, make sure it’s decaffeinated with the natural process called “effervescence” which retains 95 percent of the polyphenols. More info here:

I quit caffiene. It’s tough (not as hard as quiting smoking, which I also did). Drink lots and lots of water. Otherwise you will have really bad withdrawals. I’m sure you’ve had a headache from lack of caffiene before, imagine having that for a week. That is what you are looking at. Water will take the edge off of it though.
You will feel slow and dull for a while, but after a month you will feel sharper.

Thanks so much for the ideas everyone! I’ll give it a go. Eric

I have quit several times trying both the taper method and cold turkey. Cold turkey works best for me. The first day isn’t that bad but I do not feel energetic for at least three weeks after quiting. This has been a lifelong problem for me. I just love Coke and Pepsi and have been off them for 6 months this time. As was mentioned before, drink lots of water and some aspirin (contains caffeine) and you will make it with some willpower. Good Luck.

green tea

OK, but why would you stop caffeine?

(Apperently I missed out on this subject)

Eat a fucking apple.

I`ll add fuel to the fire, pardon the pun.

I am a mesomorph body frame, that is a frame between a beach ball and a rail, and I am not blessed with a rapid metabolism. I have no problem getting off of caffeine.

Problem is my natural metabolism is slow-mo and I never have energy peaks like I do on caffeine. Even after one month off the stuff.

And, quite bluntly, theres nothing like it to betherementally. At work its a must.

The only solution I tried so far is to keep the poison at a minimum. One a day, on a need-be basis.

Just switch to green tea.

Iced green tea is delicious and nutritious.

Dan “A Friendly Reminder from the Tea Board” McVicker

watcher16 - Read T-mag’s 'Caffeine Roundtable" article in the archives.

I went out of town for Easter so I am just getting back to the forum today. Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the added posts! You all are the best.

To watcher16, 2 main reasons I am trying to drop the habit. 1, I am tired of spending 75-100 dollars a month on crap I simply don’t need and that probably isn’t good for me anyway (ie- aspartame in diet soda, etc). If I am going to be tight on money, I would rather have it be because I am spending it on the new lower priced Surge! :slight_smile: And 2, the insulin sensitivity issue. But I think Davo2 posted a link for that info already. Have a good one all!