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Best Way To Stay On Task During Spring Break

Allright t-men, i will be on spring break tomorrow and want to have fun, but still not neglect my body too bad since i am in the middle of my season. me and some friends are going to panama city tomorrow and will be staying until sunday afternoon. we dont have a hotel so we will be sleeping in my car like any respectable/broke t-man would do under the given circumstances. I am not really worried about training or anything. my main concerns are food and alcohhol. i will be taking a cooler and some vanilla grow. any suggestions though for food that will stay good in a cooler for a few days? if i cook some pieces of chicken would they stay good. also, what about tuna if i mixed up a big bowl and put it in the cooler. i remember somebody mentioned on another thread that vodka is better to drink than beer and other types of alcohol. any other suggestions? should i just drink enough to get a buzz, or get completely wasted.

Beef jerkey is great - good protein and it keeps forever. Unless you make it yourself, make sure you drink water with it (yeah, I know, water isn’t exactly spring break material) cause there’s lots of sodium. As for the tuna, pick up some of those packets of mayo (like from McDonalds) that don’t need to be cooled and bring unopened cans…mix and eat. If you mix it ahead of time and the mayo spoils you can get pretty sick.

Nic, why do you have to drink bro? I go out and party often, but I don’t touch the alcohol! Just do like I do and keep a large cup of water in your hand. As for food, bring some tuna (in the can), fruit, Grow w/ shaker cup, yogurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter, beef jerky, dried fruit, nuts, and there are other things too!

Let me give you a response that you can actually follow… fuck it!! I live in New Orleans, and just finished mardi gras, which involved drugs (lots), alcohol (lots) and little sleep and no training… I partied so much I got sick for a week after (that part was dumb)! What were the results? I missed a total of one week of the gym and had a horrible diet during that time (I didn’t eat a lot, just it wasn’t good what I did eat–although I did have a few protein shakes). After that, I went back to the gym and was considerably stronger and (once i stopped being sick) I felt and looked noticably better than before mardi gras!! The point is, take the week off, enjoy yourself. Drink, whatever. I guarantee you’ll come back completely refocused! One note: I’d hold off a little more than I did so you don’t get sick at the end of the week, like I did! HAVE FUN!!!

Get “smashed” every day. Start 1st thing in the AM. What do you think Spring Break is for? Eating tuna??

your on vacation who cares, just fix it when you get back. Eat Wendy’s and McDonald’s, you gotta live sometime, why not on vaction while your partying. I would not be real anal about maintaining diet and crap like that, you’re only going to be gone a week, you’ll be back in buisness in another week. Drink cheap beer,eat horrible food, whatever and like it.

If your into partying I wouldn’t worry about it to much. I went off to mexico for a week I ate and drank like there was no tomorrow. I’d have to say my metabolism is medium speed so I did pick up like 2-3 pounds. These pounds came off fairly easy though as soon as I went back into the gym. I just considered that week my break from training and dieting. When I came back in was totally amped to get back into the gym and my diet. In my opinion that week totally gave me the break I needed to get my back on the right track.