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Best Way to Stack Prop, D-bol, and Deca?

not really that new I know what they do on their own and used all but the D-BOL…my question is is there and what is the best way to stack Test Prop, D-bol and Deca? or should i drop decca?

I would run NPP instead of deca, clears a little faster and would pair up well with prop, dbol as a kickstart would be good, what kind of dosages are you planning

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My current cycle is set up as follows

week 1-12 750mg test E
week 3-12 350mg NPP
week 1-5 40mg dbol

Just starting week 4 and it’s going well - might end everything at week 10 depending on how i am feeling etc.

I am running the Test E as i have a quality source for pharma grade otherwise i would have probably gone with prop and possibly not bothered with dbol.

If you have to run Deca D and cannot get NPP then i would go with test E rather than injecting prop for 12 weeks and if you want to run dbol then i’d got with the first 4-6 weeks.

I would just stack the bottles right on top of each other. No need to get fancy with it. Since the dbol is an oral, it’s probably in a bigger bottle, so I’d put that one at the bottom. You can put the test prop or deca next, it really doesn’t matter, as long as the vials are the same size. If one is a 10ml vial and the other is 20ml, definitely put the 20 under the 10.

Good luck with your cycle, I’m always happy to help!



Maybe you can help me - My Test E is in cardboard boxes containing 5 x 1ml amps, the dbol is in blister packs and the NPP is a 10ml vial.

I put the boxes on top of each other and then the vial on top of that but it doesn’t look right. I havn’t even tried adding in the adex or hcg yet but heard it is important to include these.

Really having trouble stacking this - what do you suggest?

Adex and HCG are important for managing side effects, so as such, I would place them beside the boxes.

Some people like to get really tricky with their stacks. If you’re an experienced user and you really know what you’re doing, you COULD actually stack the boxes on top of the vial. I only recommend this to people who have done an advanced stack before and are trying to take things to the next level.