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Best Way to Spend $200 on Training?


Besides supplements and weights, what would you spend $200 on for training? I'm considering the EliteFTS Stone Trainer or a neck harness. I'm already getting Fat Gripz for Christmas.

So, if YOU had $200...


A blender, if you don't have one


hookers and blow


^ This

Gym membership or a lot of hamburgers.


I would get an iron gym for the crib so you can bang out some pull-ups if you feel like it. They cost like 20 beans too. And a foam roller or pvc pipe, cause they're the shit. And an ab-roller so you don't have to waste time doing crunches. Hmm...and I would take the last hundred to a casino and play some poker. That is all.


Food. Spend that $200 over a few months on upping the quality of your diet. Best results from that kinda cash, short of buying a sled (but I'm guessing in football training you do that kind of stuff, anyway.)


Would $200 buy you an Econo-Prowler...?


Not quite, I already checked. Maybe I'll just hold on to the cash for another couple months and buy a prowler. What is the real difference between the econo and the prowler 2? Will the econo serve me just as well?

Hookers and blow: Wish I could, but I hold a security clearance that I can't afford to lose :slight_smile:

Food and gym membership: Good ideas, but I already set aside $300/month for groceries and I have open access to a decent gym on post.

I should probably get a foam roller. What am I looking for as far as quality?

And yes, I do have a blender. One of the best purchases for my kitchen.


lol fuck me are you @ McCoy?

how about a bunch of sexy Under Armor shirts? and Ipod? a bunch of creatine and Surge! ?


Squat shoes. Dip belt. Steak.


Other than relevant supplements or training gear, I'd look to use the $200 for some consultations with a reputable online trainer/coach.

Whether it's just a few back and forth e-mail exchanges or a full plan ($200 will obviously go longer or shorter with different coaches), it'd give you a chance to have a pro fine-tune your whole program.


kettlebell or other equipment. i say kettlebell cause you won't find a 88lb kettlebell in a conventional gym


Lol, no, not at McCoy. Although my unit used to be there even though it's a NG base.
I'm at Campbell. I just have WI because that's where I'm from. Maybe I should change it? :wink:


Thanks Chris, I hadn't considered that. I guess I just put that on the same level of likelihood as having Bill Belichick help me with my football strategy. Is there anybody you'd recommend? I'll do my own research, too.

And Kanada, that is pretty true. Atleast I've never seen one. I'll have to keep that in mind.


Hydrolyzed casein


Weight belt. Wrist straps. Wrist wraps (if you need them, some don't), some good workout clothes.

Workout music player and armband if you don't have one already.


Weightlifting shoes.
Various bands.
Weight belt.


chicken breasts


Depends a bit on your current goals. Guys like Shelby Starnes and John Romaniello are great at physique transformation (adding muscle/dropping fat). Someone like Mike Robertson could help more if you're dealing with any persistent injuries.

Or, since I take it you're military, contact Craig Weller at barefootfts.com. He's a TMuscle contributor, former Navy Special Ops guy, and universal badass.


Craig Weller seems like a pretty bad dude. And yep, you guessed it. I'm in the military. Good ol' EOD.
Thanks Chris. If I don't spend THIS $200 on coaching from Craig, I definitely will sometime. I'm glad to know about that site now.