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Best Way to Spend $100 Here?



I'm now a T-Nation addict. I specifically love Beta-7 and HOT-ROX.

I know most of the products last about a month if you take the maximum dosage, so I'm trying to limit my spending to about 100 bucks on here.

What do you feel would give me the most bang for my buck? Trying to gain muscle and lose fat, like a lot of others are.

Is Beta-7 and HOT-ROX the best way to go? Or should I use HOT-ROX, BCAA's and Creatine?

Any input is appreciated, thanks!


HOT-ROX, BCAA, ZMA, Flameout is a little more than $100, but a good combo stack.


Flameout, Creatine....


Flameout looks pretty good...however I wish there were more servings per bottle.

I suppose I could take two caps a day and get more servings per bottle.


I'd buy Waterbury's new book if you don't already have it.


Just ordered your suggestion. Looking forward to trying it out!


Let us know how it goes/how you feel from it.

Good luck!


I'm sorry I only know how to order a minium of $150 on this site so I can get free shipping.



Is there really a bad way to spend money here? So go with whatever best fits your goals.


you should eat healthy and excercise consistently.

if you feel you need a weight loss supp, try coffee and a b complex pill.

caffiene is the main ingredient in weight loss products now that ephedrine is illegal, and it is often stacked with b vitamins. you can buy a few pounds of coffee and a bottle of b vitamins for much cheaper than supplements.


That is true of most products on store shelfs, but not HOT-ROX. A7-E cannot be compared to b vitamins with caffeine thrown in nor can Carbolin 19 and Raspberry ketones be viewed as such. If you haven't already I would recommend reading the article for HOT-ROX Extreme in the T-Nation store for a better understanding of this.

Take care,



I am using ZMA and HOT-ROX, along with some others. With the sleep I get from the ZMA, and the feeling of energy/happiness I get from the HOT-ROX, I am one happy camper. Never have I gone through a day feeling so refreshed (all day refreshed, not just when i take it), it is truely amazing.


That's great to hear Addicted and I can relate to what you are saying. Daily I enjoy my morning Spike Shooter and BCAA buzz and the Alpha Male I started recently is starting to kick in.

Take care,



Spend more than $150. free shipping




Thanks, Matt!


If you're interested in BCAA's and money is limited, and you can stand the taste (pretty bad but should be tolerable) I would recommend buying by the kilo.

I get mine from Superior Nutraceuticals.

The Biotest product is much more convenient and more pleasant, but if willing to sacrifice that for cost due to limited total funds for supplements, the powder is cheaper.

Also supplemental BCAA's are I think more subtle or less in effect than some others think. In fact ordinarily I can't tell the difference myself between using them and not: I do so sometimes just out of principle but at least for me personally, in the context of a high protein diet with high quality protein and numerous meals per day, there's not a noticeable difference except seemingly, but not that I'd proved, a small benefit when added to Surge pre-workout. I have noticed a difference when on very low calories and therefore modest protein.

Casein or whey is about 25% BCAA's anyway, by the way, (roughly speaking) so if consuming say 300 or 400 g protein per day, already that's 75-100 g of BCAA's or so. Which is plenty, IMO.

This incidentally is why the old-time protocols of taking just a few grams of BCAA's never did anything for anybody, so far as I can tell.


i've found adderall and ambien do quite well for this


Got my stuff about a week ago and have been pretty happy with it.

I wake up and take HOT-ROX and BCAA's, work out...then take BCAA's and Flameout with my post workout shake which has Biotest Creatine and whey in it.

Later on in the afternoon I'll take a third serving of BCAA's and a serving of HOT-ROX. ZMA before bed.

Noticing a good change in body compisition, losing fat around my stomach and the abs are starting to peek out even more.

Thanks Biotest!


Glad to see you're happy with what you got here. I can't wait to see my tax refund in my bank account so I can score some Spike Shooters and Alpha Male on top of what I normally get.