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Best Way To Set Up Workout

I wanna give this a try(routine below) but I’m not sure what days to do it on or what rep scheme would be best for a 45 yr old with a decent diet.sleep schedule and LOTS of time. I could workout anytime and 2 times a day if I wouldn’t overtrain!!!


1 Upperbody Push (flat press, military press, dips…)
1 Lowerbody Push (squats, front squats, leg press, lunges…)
1 Upperbody Pull (bb rows, chins, tbar rows…)
1 Lowerbody Pull (deadlift, stiff-legged deadlift, good mornings…)
1 Isolation movement (bi/tri/calve)

I’m about the same age as you (43 yo) and my workout schedule and time “non-constraints” are similar. I would lift all the time if I could.

Consider the issue of overtraining if you don’t recover, but, probably more importantly, consider what the proper length of your workouts should be.

If you’re lifting alone, and lifting heavy weight, don’t let a session go too long. Your body will generally fatigue and your concentration will lapse. The next thing you know, you pulled a muscle, broke a bone, etc. Our older bodies won’t heal like they used to.