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Best Way to Retain Water


I currently drink a gallon of water a day but i find myself pissing all the time (atleast 7-8 times). anybody know how to retain more water? I've heard a lot of things like taking salt tablets before you start hydrating, or mixing water with a little bit of lemonade n other shit like that. ideas?


ummmm thats what happens man. You drink water and then you have to pee. Drink more water = pee more (unless your dehydrated)




Get your period.


What in the hell is going on in this forum today???




You drink a gallon of water a day, then question why you piss a lot?



i noticed that you saw his Creatine thread already lol


Yeah. GOtta be trollin all the way to the bankkk


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OP must think this site is full of assholes after the responses he's received in the 2 threads he's created recently lol