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Best Way to Reduce T Dose?

Hi guys,

Im three weeks into reducing my T dosage from 120mg E4D to 48mg EOD. To say it has been a horrible experience would be an understatement.

My aim is to get to 30mg EOD.

Would it better to wait until 8 weeks is up and then lower it again slightly (lets say to 40mg) to minimise the dial-in sides, or can I lower it now to either 40mg or 36mg (then again in 3-4 weeks) or even 30mg?


You can just start lowering it whoever you want. The ester does the tapering for you. And honestly, how much worse is it going to be that what you’re experiencing now? Out of curiosity what’s the reason behind lowering it?

I went from 115 to 140. I increased each injection by a few mgs. So on my syringe each unit is 2mg. Easy
So it was easy to go up slowly. I did not get any noticeable sides from changing dose.

Thanks mate.

A couple of reasons;
1 - I was one of those who thought more was better when I started. Boy was I wrong. I have a feeling I am going to be one of those who feel a heap better at smaller doses with more frequent injections

2 - Want to introduce HCG so we can start having kids again.

I think Ill drop it to 40mg for two weeks, then 30mg two weeks after that. That will take me to 105mg weekly

Just go straight to your desired dose and quit messing around. Every time you make a change you will go into flux thus prolonging the sense not being well.