Best Way to Quit TRT? Is Estrogen Rebound a Problem?

Hi guys, Im 30y old and been on trt for about a year now, and I’m going to quit.

It just didn’t work for me, it caused all kinds of issues and health problems with no actual benefits. I tried different protocols but it just didn’t suit me, so that’s that.
Also, I really think I was given trt way too easily, and I was just suffering from overtraining and under-recovering, while also not managing my sleep apnea properly (I now have a CPAP).
So I believe my testosterone could be a lot better, and I shouldn’t have even taken the trt.

So my question is: Since I can’t get any hcg or pct meds, is there any ways to help my recovery, like some supplements? I’ve been reading how D-Aspartic Acid and Ashwagandha boosted testosterone in some studies.
Also, is there a estrogen rebound (if that’s even the right term) when you suddenly stop trt?

The fact TRT made things worse tells me you have other undiagnosed health problems and you need a better more experienced doctor. Without HCG or clomid you are left with just stopping TRT and hoping it won’t take long to get your natural production going again.

Once the cypionate is out of your system testosterone and estrogen will reach zero, then levels of both will increase, but there will be a period where they are is no testosterone or estrogen in your body. I experienced this firsthand for about a week before my natural production kicked back on.

TRT is very difficult to get, in fact the majority get denied TRT, TRT is one of the most difficult treatment to get prescribed in sick care. If you got TRT it’s because your levels warranted treatment.

If thyroid function is low, TRT will not work. If there are mineral deficiencies like iron deficiency, thyroid cannot function well in this environment. I started TRT will a diet lacking in essential vitamins (C = iron absorption) causing me to crash and burn.

So in essence TRT do to inadequate diet can make things worse.

I doubt that would hurt and it may help as it is reported anecdotally to do so by some. Boron might be something to look into.

Since you noticed no benefits while on, I doubt you’ll feel much different when you stop. If you do, I would expect it to be brief. I’ve known guys to run cycles that long and they recovered fine. Of course, they lost some bodyweight, muscle and water weight, lost some strength and generally did not feel as good as they did when on anabolic steroids, but they didn’t feel terrible in the sense that they felt sick. More like normal instead of jacked up.

Ashwagandha is excellent. Like others have said, stopping likely won’t be too detrimental in your case because there are underlying endocrine issues preventing the TRT from working. Usually it is Hypothyroidism and/or Adrenal insufficiency. Adrenals can be checked with 24-hour saliva cortisol test. Check your Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 blood work.

Then you must take supplements to help fix your deficiencies ie Iodine, Selenium, Vit. C, Vit. D3, Magnesium, etc. The adrenal function is fixed with identifying the root cause(s) ie stress, toxins, infections, etc.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking, but thyroid and everything else seems to be fine.
The thing that resolved this, was that I tried cuitting trt once already and all of those problems seemed to dissapear.

Also, I think it’s pretty obvious when you are healthy, start trt and BAM! Atrial fibrillation attack and I had to be taken to ER. This happened few months after starting trt.

Few doctors actually told me I shouldn’t get trt when I started, but I was dumb and didn’t listen.
I should have gotten my sleep apnea, recovery and everything together before trying.
I was just sold by all of those stories how trt changed lives of some people.

I just have to try if quitting trt completely helps me get rid of all of this shit I have been dealing while being on.

I think I’ll try all these supplements to aid my recovery:
-D-aspartic acid
-ZMA (zink, magnesium, b6)
-Vitamin D
-Omega and multivitamin which I take anyway.

I’m thinking of adding boron but I remember reading somewhere that it could cause damage go blood vessels. Couldn’t find that info anymore tho…

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Goes to order boron

Haha ok well I’ll add it to the “stack”

This hints your protocol may be to blame, which you don’t detail it at all. Too much testosterone can actually increase heart rates and make it seem like something is wrong with the heart. Maybe your definition of fine is misguided in relation to your thyroid. I wonder if you had a complete work up and aren’t missing critical labs.

Well at the time of the afib attack, the protocol was indeed really dumb.
The doctor gave me sustanon, injected 250mg E12D, which I know is really shitty dosing.
I tried different dosing principles with sustanon but nothing seemed to work.
Finally my doctor gave me prescription to testosterone enanthate, taken 125mg once a week at first, and adjusting from there.
That dosing used to work for me really well, when I was self medicating before getting on legit trt.

I’ve done wide blood tests multiple times, and everything was within the normal ranges.
The skipped beats and palpitations are starting bum me out. Also I’ve had three aural migraine attacks during my trt period, and I’ve never had migraines before it.

Pretty strange how testosterone and this dosing used to work for me, but now it suddenly doesn’t.
This is total broscience, but maybe my body have just had enough of being shut down?

That is interesting, there is some correlation with low testosterone and A-Fib.

This has no credit around here, it’s means nothing. I’m seeing only suboptimal protocol decisions, no twice weekly, every other day or even daily protocols. If your SHBG is on the lower end, all of these protocols might have been in vain.

When I would inject weekly, my levels would start dropping and eventually I’d get heart palpitations because my testosterone was declining and I’m very sensitive to fluctuations, seen it in other members as well, daily injections fixed that little problem.

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That is indeed interesting… I did have the terrible 250mg of sustanon E12D dosing protocol when the attack happened, and it was 12 days after the last injection if I remember correctly.
That could lead me to think my testosterone levels were pretty low when the atrial fibrillation attack happened.

It’s just so strange that after the attack, I’ve been suffering a lot more of palpitations, skipped beats etc.

Cardiologist told me that overtraining could cause atrial fibrillation and palpitations.
I’ve tried resting more to see if I’ve just been burning myself out and that would be the reason, but so far haven’t noticed any changes.

I’ve started to question can the trt even be the cause of my problems (palpitations and brain fog).
I mean I used to be just fine on this same dosage. I also blasted on 500mg/w test e few years ago and even then I had none of these problems.

I’m going to get colesterol and full thyroid panel checked. I saw this online:

Thyroid binding globulin (TBG)

If there is not enough thyroid binding globulin, there can be too much free thyroid hormone available for cells. While this doesn’t sound like a problem, elevated free thyroid hormone shuts down receptor sites and can therefore cause hypothyroid symptoms, despite high free thyroid hormone levels. The most common cause of this is elevated testosterone in both men and women.

I’m incredibly tired here

But Jesus Christ… no… TRT might have exacerbated a pre existing condition. But his dose, estrogen, protocol etc (esp when boosted to physiologic concentrations) was NOT the sole cause of afib. Without a pre-existing ailment afib won’t occur in response to TRT alone

I’ll update tommorow, I’m exhausted currently. Atrial fibrillation is serious, far more concerning than benign heart palpitations… the man needs a comprehensive cardiac evaluation, bloods regarding adrenals, thyroid etc

What’s your protocol………………………? Maybe increase your dose? Injection frequency?

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I’m tired because its somewhat late and I got up at 6 this morning

my dose is fine atm, 125mg e6d, gets me to around 500-550mg/dl 3-4 days post shot. Is it optimal? No… but it’s not why I’m tired

I’ll be getting bloods soon

E6d is more often than I usually inject. Typically I go e7-10d… and yes, I’m fine with such dosing. There’s a lot of over-reaction regarding more spaced out protocols. It’s not optimal, but it does work. I’ve just ordered new needles (ran out of needles so I was shooting regarding intervals about 14-16 days apart, felt fine

I was kidding, sorry. I suppose that doesn’t always come through in print.

Get some rest and feel better.

I’m not kidding about that…

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The cardiologist told me it could have been just because of too much stress, combination of working out too much, body not recovering, too much work… just overly stressing my body since there were no structural abnormalities that could cause atrial fibrillation.
Apparently even healthy people can have it in certain situations, for example when having a really bad hangover.

What sucks is that the cardiologist wasn’t able to tell me if trt had anything to do with it.
He suggested me to quit trt because of testosterone being able to thicken the heart badly which could predispose you to atrial fibrillations, but then he added “Then again that usually happens only with anabolic steroid users, when you use testosterone in high doses” so he kinda flipped his own suggestion.

My trt doctor who is also specialized in clinical physiology, told me that trt is falsely demonized and I should be fine with continuing.

I just got an appointment with him because of a cancellation, and I’m seeing him in few weeks.
Maybe I should just continue the trt until then and see what he thinks?
Then again I’m sick of paying 200-300 euros for a doctor’s appointment.

What’s weird is that it’s been 9 days since my last injection of 125mg and I think I’ve had fewer palpitations, althought I’ve also been exercising less often and resting more…