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Best Way to Put Cushion Back on the Rear End

I lost 97 pounds and I know I lost muscle as well as fat. I realize now that I could have done some things differently on my weight loss journey, but I’m trying to fix them now. I’m struggling to be able to sit comfortably without having to use a pillow on a a hard floor surface. I was painting my dinning room and my butt really hurt when I was sitting on the tile floor. It’s like boney now. I need some cushion. What’s the best way to put cushion back on the rear end?

Butt in a bottle…

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Hello. Nice to see you.

Big congrats on the weight loss. That’s really fantastic!!

Did you start lifting at the end of this process/ after the weight loss?

You can certainly start building muscle back there. Are you looking for specific advice about exercises? What do you have available in terms of equipment? Time?

Also, you’d benefit from trying to gain muscle wherever you can, just to try to compensate for the drop in metabolism that tends to accompany dramatic weight loss.

About genetics, it’s too bad we can’t choose where we keep fat, and where we loose it. The same with muscle fiber types/ roundness of muscle bellies/ insertion points.

Not that we can’t all improve from where we’re at! You’re well on your way.

Whatever you do for leg training, finish your workout with the single leg variation of Hip Thrusts that are in this link Rampant Badger provided. Do 3 sets of 12-18 on each leg. Put a dumbbell on the hip on the side you are working and hold it with the hand on that side. Use a pad under the dumbbell when the weight starts getting heavy enough to hurt. This should be close to the fastest method to put on Glute meat.

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Yes I did.

I have to stick with body weight exercises. I have dumbbells and, sorry I don’t now what it’s called, a cheaper version of an olympic bar. The bar is much lighter in weight. As far as time, I’m a stay-at-home mom so I usually can find time to workout unless it’s just one of those busy days.

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If you have DBs, single leg exercises like walking lunges and Bulgarian Split Squats are excellent. Wide-step walking lunges are one of my favorite glute exercises. If you take smaller steps, they tend to work quads more. Also, try some goblet squats while holding a DB, or DB Single Leg Deadlifts. You can look for videos o how to do any of these if you’re new to training.

Also, just lots of things you can do to build better glute activation. The guys were showing you BB Glute Bridges/ Hip Thrusts. You can do those at home, even unweighted. Put your weight on your heels. Pick up your toes. Squeeze glutes hard as you bring your hips up and hold a hard squeeze at the top, or as On Edge mentioned, do them as a single leg exercise with a DB.