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Best Way to Offset Dirty Calories?


Easter is here and as usual, I've received a load of boxes of chocolate and candy from friends and family

If I'm going to eat them, what's the best way to offset their negative effects?

I was thinking about eating them before long and strenuous aerobic exercise, assuming that there they will be readily used for fuel instead of being absorbed

Not sure if they would be as used with heavy anaerobic exercise


Regift as many as possible.

Then if you absolutely have to eat them do so after a intense weight training workout. Use them instead of any carbs/sugars you may have had and just add protein.


Agreed, esp on the re-gifting.

You could also get sprints sessions in there, like Romaniello's recent program which has one sprinting very frequently (low volume) and you'd likely end up leaner than before the candy arrived. True story.


  1. regift- people will love you
  2. moderation- eating 1 or 2 isn't going to have disastrous effects.
  3. String out the supply- assuming it isnt going bad any time, put a bag in the fridge and go through it for months.
  4. Don't eat- If it really doesn't provide you great satisfaction and you are going to spend more time stressing over the negative impacts, just don't eat it.


I know.. eat them but still have a caloric deficit at the end of the day. Yes


Ahhh, I'd say just eat them all at once - after regifting as many as you can.

After that cheat meal, follow up with the following supplements:
High dose fish oil - 15g-30g
High dose fiber - again 15g-30g (flax is probably the easiest on the stomach)
A coffee or two - to speed up digestion

Basically that's you damage control right there


Give them away to fat people or more specifically fat people that don't care about their health or how they look.
Type-2 diabetes FTW!!!


Don't think of it that way. Instead:

"long and strenuous aerobic exercise" ---> smaller version of current self
"heavy anaerobic exercise" ---> forced body recomp
edit - sprints ---> both aerobic + anaerobic demands

Best answer.

Though unlikely that someone truly dialed-in would ask these type questions


Truly dialed-in?

Thanks for the advice, but you can fuck off with this holier than thou 'if he wasn't an idiot he wouldn't ask this question!' bullshit. If anything, comparing my latest posted pic ( http://tnation.T-Nation.com/forum_images/a/f/af997_ORIG-1.jpg ) to the ones on your hub, I'm way more 'dialed-in', whatever the fuck that means.

I rather expend the extra calories through exercise, than go on a deficit on food with a terrible nutritional value. I'm aware that it's still possible to lose weight on candy, regardless of negative performance or body composition effects, thanks


Eat them after intense weight training, in the evening.
Combine carb backloading and intermittent fasting - fast for 12-16 hrs after your last meal and then eat low carb until evening.




LOLZ @ being dogmatic about food choices. Obviously eating chocolate during a cut is not intelligent, but candy taken in at remotely intelligent times during a gaining phase/not used as a primary macronutrient source is not going to kill anyone and can actually be a useful tool.

OP- I agree that it's better to increase work volume to match the added calories rather than lowering overall intake to accommodate a shitty nutrient source like candy.

CBL and IF are good protocols and will help deal with dirtier calories in general, but a lot of the benefits from those protocols come once the body is accustomed to them. Suddenly switching to one of those diet plans in general, much less making the switch while eating things like chocolate, will likely still cause you to bloat up and look like shit until your body gets used to it. I'd advise against switching to IF/CBL if it's only a short term thing rather than something you plan to stay with consistently. But I'm guessing that you weren't going to go with that recommendation anyway.

Whether you switch to IF/CBL or not, I don't think anyone will disagree that the best place to concentrate candy is around workouts. Postworkout isn't bad, but I like to have it preworkout. I think this was initially recommended by BBB, but 2 candy bars and ~40g of protein 40 minutes preworkout is pretty nice. I've tried that protocol several times and it's worked very well for me. I'm not sure what types of candy you have and what kind of macros they contain, but 2 bars is usually good for ~50g carbs and ~20g of fats. My understanding is that this is useful because the resulting insulin spike helps with nutrient delivery as well as the prevention of catabolism during workouts- spiking insulin post wouldn't give you the same anti-catabolic effect during your session.

EDIT: I'm writing mainly from experience. As always, I defer to anyone who has more experience or legit scientific/medical credentials.


Not really relevant to the topic, just the above reminded me of the stories about Yates eating chcolate bars back stage, winding every other competitor up!


BBers eat some crazy shit around competitions. I remember reading this spill from John Meadows and just shitting my pants at some of it lol: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/strength-training-topics/1393


Easy there. "Dialed-in" meaning exact macros are consistently tracked, targeted and hit. In other words, a competing BB's attention to nutritional detail and even for them, its a temporary thing to be truly dialed-in.

Nothing more, nothing less, nothing holier-than-thou about it...

edit - nice work, OP. I haven't updated hub pics since 2008, but that has nothing to do with your own good progress.


Oh, ok then. Sorry for getting so defensive, had just woken up when I posted that and was cranky. Took your post as a 'this guy isn't taking it seriously and doesn't know what he's talking about' kind of thing