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Best Way to Naturally Increase Test?


Ok guys I have been approved for TRT, have used it with somewhat ok results, but I am getting ready to start competing in a sport that from time to time may have drug testing. Now I grant you it's not overly sophisticated testing, just a urine test, but even the bio identical testosterone will show up in the tests.

Now we all know TRT does NOT give you great anabolic effects. Hell women bodybuilders use no less than 6x the test (along with other shit) than we do on our whopping 100mg per week dosages. But unfortunately to many organizations testosterone of any level is evil. (yeah I know I have tried to submit tons of medical research but they ignore it).

So, what over the counter stuff really works to assist in raising testosterone naturally? Is there any thing that has been proven to actually help? I am hoping by eating a little better (more protein), getting better sleep (ZMA), lifting and supplementing I can at least get the levels up where I won't feel like shit.

Any legitimate advice would be appreciated.


I would recommend tribulus terrestris 1,000mg 3x/day, dhea 25mg 2x/day and the zma like you have mentioned. A good multi-vitamin and nutrition regimen will definitely help.


If you had a legitimate need for TRT, no over the counter shit is going to get the job done.

What sport are you competing in? Have you filed a Therapeutic Use Exemption form with them? With the exception of a few sports (some powerlifting feds being one of the few), most will give a TUE as long as your protocol isn't crazy and you have doctor's blessing.


TRT specifically has been addressed and they use IOC/ WADA and neither give a TUE for Testosterone period.

Reading the WADA list they have banned anything but protein it seems lol. Funny I could run HcG up to 2 weeks before the test and pass. Hell I may have to go that route.


If you are primary, hcg won't do a thing for you...


Well I am screwed then, because I am going to compete one way or the other. Its too bad 100mg per week is still detectable.


Personally I like to prioritize "supplements" in their effectiveness to correct/optimize a desired outcome. In your case this is T the holy grail of all male conquest. I always try to take a shotgun approach to health and all things related. To go about it any other way without first looking at the "biggest bang for you buck" would be showing up to a gun range with 1 bullet. Really Increased T levels is just a nice bonus of the impact on health these supplements have.

Vitamin D
Selenium (from Brazilian nuts)

If you do get Blood work done on D/mag/zinc/selenium and manage to reach optimal levels of each it'll do wonders.


how much of each ED? Have you seen Trib help at all?