Best Way to Measure Body Fat at Home

I’m looking to see what everyone is using to determine their body fat. Are you using calipers, a scale that does it or what is your method?

A mirror


Skulpt Chisel. Love it.

You are going to need a good shoe.


Pictures while standing in the same poses in the same spot in the same room under the same lights while wearing the same clothes, very first thing in the morning once or twice a month.


It doesnt really tell BF% but I think the best way to subjectively measure progress is measuring your waist in the same spot.

For BF% an honest and critical eye and a mirror are best.

Most people guessing their BF% should add 5-10% to it.


Thank you! Someone once told me to use me abs as a guide. Something about if there completely visible from any angle I’m less then 15% and if they are fading or only a few are showing I’m risen above 16%?

Is this accurate or think they were filling me with BS?

x2 waist measurement should be first port of call

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Those numbers are accurate IMO but that is a lot of BF% range…

But most of us only care about abs anyways and guessing with any more accuracy than that might be a pipe dream.

Skulpt is pretty good. I tested it against a pro caliper test (she knew her stuff) and on two different occasions the readings between the Skulpt and 7 point caliper test were about 0.5%.

My Sklupt has been showing steady decline in my body fat percentage that’s also obvious when I look in the mirror. My true measure of how lean I am is looking at the two big veins that travel upward from the pelvic area into my navel area fat mound. The more I can see of those veins, the leaner I now I’m getting. What’s great about this summer cycle is that my weight has been hovering in a range between 170 and 174 while I’m getting more ripped every week. I’m going to get a thread going soon laying out what I’ve been doing and some tips.

I would say don’t worry about the number. Find a landmark on your body (like a cluster of veins around the hip area) and use that as your guide. When you’re getting lean, you should look veiny as fuck. There’s no one I can think of with a sub 10% BF percentage who isn’t looking like a walking roadmap.

My Skulpt is saying 9%, but I think I look leaner than that. I talk to people in the gym who think they’re 8% and they don’t even have a single vein showing anywhere so that goes to show the warped perception people have about body fat. The number is always higher than you think.

Not too scientific but works for me;
I measure; waist, weight and biceps.

If my weight stays the same (or goes up) and my waist goes up =bad
If my weight stays the same (or goes up) and my waist goes down = good (unless biceps go down)
If weight goes up, waist goes down and biceps stay the same or goes up = on a good track


This is also a good way. The waist measurement checked against bodyweight can tell you everything you a lot.