Best Way To Lower BF?


I am a new member of this forum. I have a gym membership since a few years, but since a half year I know what I do when training. My body type can be described as ‘endomorph’. My primary goals has been to look leaner.

Therefore, what is the best way to lower BF? This is mostly being achieved by eating better. But, what does this really involve for the average person that goes to college or doesn’t eat four or five meals a day?

I would like to know more.

Up your muscle mass.

Yes, that simple.

What has this topic do to with upping muscle mass?

ybthinker, you don’t need to eat 4-5 meals to lower body fat but yes you need to eat ‘better’. Your question is also too broad. There is no single best way to lower BF, just find a way that you can stick with.

Pick up a diet planned that’s been created by someone who knows what they’re doing and follow it. Or educate yourself on the topic & create one for yourself.

College student here. I only eat two meals per day, but have still made progress (gained weight and strength when trying to gain, and lost fat when trying to lose fat).

WHAT you eat in a day is more important than WHEN you eat it (besides specific exceptions, like the peri-workout time). If you need 3000 calories and can get 1500 in a meal, then two meals is fine.

Good nutrition is way more simple than you’d imagine. Eat meat and vegetables. Get carbs from starchy vegetables (potatoes, etc.) and grains such as rice. Make that 90% of your diet and spend the other 10% on other stuff. Boom, instant progress.

Is this a serious question? OP asked a simple question, he got s simple answer.

Also, what happens to your BF when your muscle mass goes up (as long as everything else stays the same? BF goes down. Direct answer to his question.

So, not sure why the question…

why the fuck you can only eat 2 meals a day because ur a student ?