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Best Way to Keep Gains?


Hi, i'm new to the world of steroids, but have done a bit of research into it.
Basically I know the basic steroids, and what they offer. (test e for first cycle and all that) My problem is that I don't want to take steroids for a long time, as I don't want to cause any long term damage. So i'd like to know what would be the best plan for me? As I've heard that gains from test although quick, are quite hard to keep. Also should I do my cycles as soon as I can after the last one (whilst following the time of =time on plus pct rule)
I'm 23 just under 200 lbs at 6'2 and have been training for 3 years, the callipers say im 11.3% bodyfat.


If you gain muscle beyond your genetic potential, you will eventually lose it. Diet and exercise will determine how quickly it happens though.


so what is your main goal in doing steroids? if you just want to look good on the beach you don't necessarily need steroids.


Basically I want to get to my natural potential and then just maintain naturally, obviously I'll probably have to go over my natural potential, then when I lose the muscle from cessation of steroid use hope to be at my natural potential.


@ 6'2" 200lbs 11.3% bf and only 23yrs old, You are nowhere near your natural genetic potential. If you were @ 6-7% bf you might have a case. Your still pretty young and have lots of room to fill out @ 6'2".


Agreed. At 6'2" you can get quite a lot bigger. Tweak your diet and training a little bit and see how you go.


i don't think he's claiming he is. but i really doubt youre going to tell yourself ok I've reached what would have been my natural potential, i think ill stop now


Most people never even get close to there genetic limit


I know I'm not at my natural potential, if I choose not to stop than I guess that's what happens. That's why I asked what would be the best way to keep my fast earned gains to stay at my genetic potential when I get there. I get that a lot of you guys say to fill out a lot first then go for the gear. But my goals are different I don't want to blast through my natural potential at the moment, maybe I will in the future but that's not my question.

I've trained hard for 3 years, I have a very strict nutrition regimen, and for someone who's natural am quite strong. I just want to get to my genetic peak at a young age so I can enjoy it and then maintain it as best I can through life


exactly. I hate it when people say you shouldn't use steroids until you reach your natural limit. Professional bodybuilders are still adding muscle in their 40s. Does that mean we shouldn't use steroids until we're 50?

Really sticks in my craw


I get why you guys would say to be natural for as long as possible, but I don't want to be bigger than my genetic limit, so I won't be using steroids as long as the average user anyway. I train hard and have a strict nutrition regimen. My problem isn't that I don't want to work hard, it's that I'd like to enjoy size at a young age.

I realise steroids aren't a magic pill that make you huge, hard work and strict diet is still needed, I just want to give my self a boost up to my genetic limit and maintain it, I'd just like to know your thoughts on how best to achieve this? Ie what is the best cycle for me? And should I take longer than normal between each cycle to consolidate what I have naturally or is that just time wasted?


just do the usual 500mg test E for 12 weeks


And do it as often as possible? Or leave a bit longer and try and consolidate? Also does hcg use improve your chances of keeping gains?


This is just retarded. Just because you only want to cycle enough to reach your natural potential (whatever that is you have no idea) doesn't mean you will be able to keep the gains.

There is something to the amount of time it takes to make gains and your ability to keep them. Gaining a shit ton of muscle in 12 weeks doesn't allow you to make those adaptations. Gain fast = lose fast.

So your plan is flawed. If you want to use just use. K bai.


well, there's some theories getting kicked around right now that some gains from AAS are semi-permanent.... some of their action is due to gene expression (or DNA or tellemeres or something). i'm not much of a scientist, so i can't really explain that, but it is different from simply increasing glycogen, red blood cells, etc...

i guess this makes sense, as i've seen some older guys get off gear and still retain a lot of gains...

and obviously eating clean and training smart helps, too. many guys simply forgot to train naturally after extensive time on gear, as well...

and a good PCT helps, too.



and i have to personally admit to bitching at guys for using steroids way too early, but the fact of the matter is, we all used them as a shortcut anyway.....


Has anyone ever just done one cycle? Haha once you do one you will want to do more (assuming it goes well)


Yeah its greed I think we all wanna be big and strong as quick as possible. But who dosnt ?


This is just bullshit bro talk


ain't that the truth. I could've added another 20lbs naturally before I started, but that'd have taken years. I don't have the patience for that!