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Best Way to Keep Gains Dry?

Hi everyone,

I was thinking about the best way to achieve lean dry gains from a cycle. As we all know, testosterone run as a base for a cycle will make a person hold on to a certain amount of water, I am interested in your thoughts and experience on how to minimize water retention during and after cycle. Questions like : are cutting steroids good enough for putting on mass on a bulk? Should one minimize the dose of testosterone and add in as much dry steroids as possible? Superdrol vs dbol and anadrol?
What do you guys think?


Anything anabolic has the potential to build muscle with proper diet and training.

As for keeping it dry you would want to use compounds that don’t aromatize.

large portion of exactly “how much” water you put on is diet mediated, aside from that regulating renal and hepatic function via the use of various detox supplements and avoiding things known to stress said organs would further help.

Otherwise it comes down to choice of drug used. Drugs of which do not heavily aromatise and are not potent 11-HSD inhibitors will generally keep things drier in nature.

“Drier” anabolics however tend to put far more strain on lipids as oestrogen itself is heavily involved with lipid metabolism