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Best Way to Keep Gains After PCT?

I’ve been on 500 mg test only cycle . Made decent gains. Been working on diet and cardio… granted I expect to loose some of what I gained( hopefully water weight) but is there anything you can do besides keep working out to keep on the new muscle?

Mirror flexing. Lots of it. Preferably in low cut tank tops infront of the dumbbell rack.


Its just a myth. You dont actually lose what you gained. You dont even have to work out or watch your eating habits anymore. It is science bro. Energy (muscles) can not be created nor destroyed.

Think about it, if you actually lost what you gained, why would anyone want to keep going through that process. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. It doesnt make sense.

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Boom and just like that the universe will never be the same

Lol haha… yea thanks man

Eat for new maintenance once you get to pct. Your old maintenance becomes outdated by the end of a cycle because you’ve presumably added some new muscle. If you under eat then you’ll be fighting a losing battle.

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Clenbuterol has an anti catabolic effect. This effect only lasts for like the first 12-18 days or something close to that. That and it’s fat burning ability is why you see guys add it in during PCT. So it can help guard your new muscle when you are at your lowest Testosterone levels, that period right after the synthetic test clears your system and your body starts to produce it’s own again. It’s not a magic pill but it can help if used properly.

Besides a proper PCT and maybe some clen, provided you are eating and sleeping correctly, is you keep pushing yourself in the gym. I personally blast and cruise now but I use to PCT and I remember as long as I made myself go hard in the gym that first week of PCT then everything else seemed easy. That first week was my mountain. In reality I bet there was no reason other than psychological to explain why that first week was my obstacle. I can’t explain it but once that week was done and I had worked out every muscle group at what I assumed would be my lowest test level everything else seemed easy. It was like every thing else was a down hill coast where I kept picking up momentum with the slightest effort.

Besides the water weight and those extra pounds from the increased glycogen levels i felt like I kept the majority of my gains. Keep in mind that once you go past natural potential there is nothing you can do to keep the lean mass that is past that natural line short of giving yourself the appropriate amount of synthetic test it needs to support said mass. I choose to switch to blast and cruise fairly early in my AAS journey so that definitely had an influence on how I kept the mass. I have read that the true way of seeing what you actually gained from a given cycle is wait six months post cycle and let the receptors clear out, what you have at that point is what you gained. I got well past natural potential pretty early and didn’t like having to regain mass every cycle to finally be able to get to new territory thus the blast and cruise choice.

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