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Best Way To Keep Cardio On Tren?

Thinking about adding Tren into my cycle again as I’m now cutting/recomping. Last time I used it I stayed between 300mg-400mg/wk of Tren ace and had basically no sides, besides towards the last two weeks of the cycle (I think I ran it for 8 weeks) I started to get the dreaded Tren shortness of breath cardio issues.
I know a lot of you here bash Cardarine, but have any of you used it to help with Tren issues? I’ve used Cardarine before just not with Tren, and likes the results.

Also, from my anecdote, seeing as the cardio issue only occurred at the last part of my Tren cycle, I’m considering blasting it at higher dozes for 4-5 weeks instead of moderate doses for 8, I like doing this with dbol sometimes, as I feel like it doesn’t give the drug a chance for the side effects to really catch up. Looking for anyone’s input and past experiences!

Cardarine is dangerous, full stop. If you want to combat cardio issues then you can go with albuterol or, if you want to get really clever, add a low dose of EQ. That’s the ultimate stamina steroid and it seems to have an outsized effect on RBC. Anecdotal claims that it helps while on tren are out there, but not in huge numbers.

You should be thanking god on your knees already for being so lucky to have no sides till week 6 wtf Lmao.

When I do Tren Ace, even at 250, in 3 days I get shortness of breath and all the terrible sides that come with it.

You’re lucky as is.

Am using test p, tren A with EQ…but moderate doses compared to you.150/150/200.

It’s really important my cardio doesn’t suffer.

I’ve tried pharma albuterol briefly but didn’t like, prefer clen at 40mg.

It seems to best stack endurance wise I’ve done. Maybe throw in the odd oral on gym days…but pumps are too much on endurance stuff