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Best Way to Go from TRT to 300-500mg Cycle?

Hello all,

36 known low T since 31, average 260-280 total. Finally this past July went on TRT @ 200mg a week and HCG (still want kids). After tons of research throughout the years since 31.

I only take test cyp and HCG. I am wanting to do an actually cycle where I eat right and really try to put size on.

Best way to do this? Cycle off TRT? Left receptors recover or go straight to 400-500mg a week?

Will I hurt my chances of having kids worse without letting my natural T recover for awhile before this cycle or not is my biggest concern on why I’m here asking…

Thanks guys

From what I’ve read here, to run a cycle whIle on trt, just start taking the larger dose.

In your case easiest would probably be to leave everything the same as now but add a 200mg dose 3-4 days after your regular dose.

Your hcg should keep doing its job even at the higher dose, feel free to add some extra, I suppose if you want.

When your done, just go back to your regular trt schedule. No pct req.

No guarantees on the kid though, either way. Most likely you’ll be fine, but that’s not 100%, several people on here were shutdown for several years, no hcg, and within a couple of months of starting it, got the job done. So recover is indeed possible, and you’re keeping them active so you’re a step ahead.

If you’re really worried, have a fertility test done and maybe have some frozen for a bit.

As usual, not a doc, not medical advice, your mileage may vary.


I’ve been on HRT since 2007, and usually cycle twice a year. I’ve never let ARs “recover” - I just go straight to my cycle dosage and then straight back down to my HRT amounts after the cycle is over. Works fantastically well. Although you will lost some of your cycle gains, I’ve found over the years that since being on HRT I lose less of the cycle gains. I’ve worked hard in the gym and with nutrition post-cycle, but I do think my HRT has enabled me to keep more gains than normal.

Thanks guys! I will jump right into the cycle.

Questions: where/ how do I get Nolvadex?
also dose on cycle 400 or 500? Is dose relative to body weight at all? I’m fairly small 5ft 7.5” and 160lbs

You do not need nolvadex unless you want it on hand for potential gyno. You do not take it at end of cycle for PCT, as you are on TRT.

You should not use a cycle to start “eating right “ and trying to put on size. Get your eating and training excellent FIRST, once you stop growing, then consider blasting.

How many days a week do you currently go to the gym? Any idea on current BF%? What’s your workout routine like? Diet like?


Just some friendly advice… Please reconsider waiting for at least a year from the start of your TRT to your blast. The new muscle does slow after the first six months but you should still be dialing in and garnering new muscle with some effort from your TRT. You only weigh 160lbs so unless you are absolutely shredded you still have some frame to fill before you blast.


Exactly what @blshaw said. Wait a little longer before blasting. At 200mg/w you’re likely on the top end of the TT range, so you should be able to slowly build for a while longer just on that dose. I did trt for two years before I blasted and I went from 145 to 180 just by lifting a lot and eating a ton.

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Thanks guys,

I’m ok with that suggestion as my diet hasn’t been on point. I go to the gym nearly everyday strength decent for my size 225 on incline a bit more on flat never pulled much on dead lifts prob 405 for max.

But when I do blast a bit do you recommend 400 or 500? It’s a favorite question of many but my question is body weight realative to what dose?

I’m 161.2 as of today

500 would be perfectly fine and pretty normal for a blast.

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Coming off a 400mg blast from TRT and then off CompleteY I have HCG. Where do I
But nolvadex my doc does not prescribe that. I have asked as a new threat but it must keep getting deleted? Is this something I can’t ask?

Yes, you cannot discuss sources include here.

How long did you blast for? Why are you coming off completely?

I am on week 7 at 400mg planning to make it to at least 8 weeks for a short blast and eventually come off all together just due to wanting to try to see where I can get my natty levels mainly due to not having kids yet and even at 36 I still have the desire to have a family.

Your natural levels aren’t going to be any better than pre trt at 260-280. For future reference you should always have everything on hand prior to a cycle.

This is not meant to sound rude but do you have Past experience or repeating what you read?

Also I am trying to decide to stop the blast at 8 weeks or continue to 10. Is 8 weeks too short or enough considering I have been on TRT at 200 for awhile before the blast.


It’s very unlikely that after stopping and running a PCT, your natural levels would come back higher than they were before you started using testosterone. @aaronca came off a blast and for a while his levels were indeed higher for several months but eventually came back down if I remember correctly.

I personally would rather do 10 weeks vs 8 if that was the choice. You’re already on so might as well get the most out of it unless you are having some issues that require you to stop.

Correct, the Nolvadex had bumped my TT up by about 250 over my pre cycle numbers. I want to say that lasted 6-8 weeks after finishing PCT and then they dropped back down to slightly below my pre cycle numbers.